Low Cost GPS Tracking Solution Launched

GPS Commander released a new commercial GPS tracking system today called Ranger CT that sets a new standard for affordability. With a low initial cost for the GPS device and monthly all inclusive tracking packages for less than $1.00 per day, Ranger CT brings the benefits of real time GPS vehicle tracking to within reach of virtually any organization with a fleet of vehicles.

President, Gord Walsh explains: “The commercial GPS tracking market has seen tremendous growth over the past 10 years and as a result it has become highly competitive and fragmented, with a plethora of similar offerings out there. To set GPS Commander apart from other GPS tracking providers, we undertook a 3 pronged differentiation strategy:

  1. Product – GPS Commander created a highly focused product line that addresses the four pillars of the live tracking market, namely personal tracking, vehicle tracking, asset tracking and trailer tracking. All 4 products use state-of-the-art technology with over-the-air programming, high accuracy GPS receivers, tiny physical size for simple installation and a host of other features. GPS Commander is one of only a few GPS tracking providers to offer all 3 cellular protocols, GPRS, CDMA and HSPA, with your choice of North American coverage footprints. This is coupled with a highly functional web-based GPS tracking portal that combines best of class Google Maps with a full range of easy to use advanced features.
  2. Service – All GPS Commander tracking products carry a lifetime warranty. The difference is that while others talk about lifetime warranty, most actually charge the customer for it. The GPS commander lifetime warranty is included at no cost. Furthermore, all customers receive 24-7 Live HelpDesk Support at no extra cost.
  3. Price – GPS Commander maintains fleets all over North America, yet doesn’t employ a single sales person. Why? Simply because in order to pay sales commission, prices would need to rise substantially. A combination of tight product focus, high sales volume and a low cost of sales allows these cost savings to be passed onto customers. By eliminating all distribution channels, GPS Commander is able to offer industry leading value.”

Summarizing, Mr. Walsh states, “We believe that our product, service and pricing strategies make GPS Commander the leading value provider of real-time GPS tracking systems on the market today. If your organization maintains a fleet of vehicles, regardless of how large or small, please click here to generate an instant quote online and see just how compelling and affordable GPS Commander solutions are.”

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