GPS Commander Videos Posted on YouTube

GPS Commander, a leading provider of reliable, affordable real time GPS tracking solutions is pleased to post a selection of videos on YouTube!

Four concise instructional videos describe the following:

  • Overview of the different GPS tracking solutions offered
  • GPS Commander features description
  • How to generate an instant quotation online
  • Instructions on how to sign up for GPS Commander service

GPS Commander Solutions Overview -Click here to watch video.

  • Scout PT for Personal Tracking allows for tracking employees’ whereabouts from their Blackberry smartphones. It is invisible and cannot be disabled by the user.
  • Ranger CT for Commercial GPS Vehicle Tracking offers industry leading value and performance, featuring lifetime warranty for peace of mind and integrated antennas for simple installation.
  • Explorer AT for Asset Tracking meets military specifications for shock and vibration. Its built-in rechargeable battery, ultra-low current consumption and integrated motion detector can provide asset protection for up to 7 years without any power!
  • Rover TT for Trailer Tracking provides self-powered location reporting from untethered trailers, with motion detection, tether alerts and automatic re-charging once tethered to a tractor unit.

GPS Commander Features Overview -Click here to watch video.

  • Worldwide Google Maps with Satellite View, Street View and Live Traffic View
  • No software to install or maintain -access from any PC via the internet
  • Guaranteed GPS position delivery -each GPS position report is acknowledged
  • Lifetime hardware warranty at no extra cost
  • Patented alert technology with user defined alerts
  • Patented geo-fence and point of interest technology
  • Wide range of reports with automated report delivery

How To Get An Instant Quote OnLine -Click here to watch video

  • Industry leading value
  • No hidden costs
  • Accurate quotations available online
  • No contact promise

GPS Commander Sign-Up Procedure -Click here to watch video

  • Order OnLine
  • No long term contract required
  • Cancel without penalty


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