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Truck DVR Camera Systems

Scout HDV Series MDVR Systems

Scout MDVR systems reduce accident rates, operating costs and fleet liability for all types of commercial and industrial fleets. 


Scout DV Series Multi-Camera HD MDVR

  • Available in 2, 4, 8 and 12 camera versions
  • Rugged aluminum design for durability
  • Up to 30 days of on-board storage
  • 1080p high definition video, with audio
  • Integrated WiFi, BlueTooth and GPS connectivity
  • Choose from historical only or live streaming versions
  • Optional 10 second GPS tracking with driver behavior
  • Send alerts with picture, video, images based on events
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Dual HD Windshield Mount Cameras

  • 3M Windshield Easy Mount System
  • All aluminum rugged construction
  • Dual 1080p HD adjustable cameras
  • Integrated in-vehicle audio microphone
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Wide Range of Location Specific Cameras

  • Choose cameras specific to your application:
  • Side mount, rear facing, dome cameras, etc.
  • Rugged aluminum construction, IP67 waterproof
  • Optional integrated audio
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Optional Driver Safety Monitoring

  • DSM with Ai technology
  • Driver fatigue detection
  • Driver smoking detection
  • Driver using smartphone
  • Driver face recognition
  • Camera lens covered
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Optional Advanced Driving Assistance

  • ADAS with Ai technology
  • Follow too close
  • Lane adherence
  • Front collision detection
  • Pedestrian detection
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How do Scout Truck Camera Systems Work?

The Scout DV series of truck camera systems are MDVR’s (Mobile Digital Video Recorders) that capture a complete video and telematics history of vehicle operation. Unlike some event-only based truck camera systems, Scout MDVR’s record 100% of the activity from every camera and store this on the MDVR itself. Depending on the configuration, this is typically 2 to 4 weeks of vehicle activity, providing management with the ability to review situations from well in the past that suddenly come to light. Each frame of video can include speed, heading and location of the vehicle, as well as harsh driving behavior and the status of inputs it may be monitoring, such as PTO, fuel level, etc. Scout systems can handle from 1 to 16 cameras strategically placed in the vehicle.

Scout MDVR’s provide an impressive return on investment, by reducing the costs for insurance, fuel and ongoing maintenance. This is accomplished through measurable reductions in speeding, reckless driving, brake & tire wear and accidents. Scout systems reduce liability by acting as both a prevention and post analysis tool. Unlike many of today’s cloud-based mobile video systems, Scout DV Series systems do not come with mandatory monthly fees and long-term contracts. All Scout systems are available with or without live connectivity. Even when installed as stand-alone systems, Scout protects your drivers and vehicles by pre-empting events, while simultaneously acting as a silent witness.

How do Scout truck camera systems differ from other systems available?

  1. Many cloud-based systems are event-only based. Thus, the only video that is transmitted to the cloud for storage or alerts are those that were triggered by a predefined event, such as speeding or harsh driving. The reality is that many of the day-to-day issues that arise requiring video review stem from untriggered and undefined situations that would not have triggered an event. Scout systems capture everything, allowing management to review any time and date range from any camera
  2. Information that did not trigger an event would need to be manually searched on the device and often, these devices lack sufficient storage capacity. Stored video history may be overwritten in as little as 2 or 3 days. Scout systems provide the longest storage history in the industry by combining the latest H.265 compression technology with the highest storage capacity. Depending on the model and configuration, 14 to 30 days of history are typically provided.
  3. Some of the leading mobile video providers sell systems into vertical markets that don’t meet the requirements to effectively address those markets. For example, selling a dual dash cam system into a towing fleet misses the mark, with insufficient camera positions and insufficient storage history to effectively meet their needs. Scout systems are available to properly address all vertical markets.
  4. The largest providers of mobile video telematics systems have a common playbook: Use low-priced hardware as bait for long-term contracts with over-priced monthly payments. GPS Commander has a different philosophy that combines no contracts with fair-priced hardware and optional a-la-carte services.

Available Versions

Scout HDV-25 SHD

2 Camera Mini MDVR

  • Supports dual 1080p HD cameras
  • High efficiency H.265 encoding
  • On-board storage: 512 GB
  • Optional 4G cellular package includes:
  • -Command Vision dashboard
  • -10 second GPS tracking
  • -Crash detection with auto uploading
  • -Driver behavior scoring & alerts
  • -Driver SOS and input monitoring
  • Optional Wi-Fi USB downloading
  • Not available
  • Not available

Scout HDV-45 HHD

4 Camera MDVR | Expandable to 8 Cameras

  • Supports up to 8 HD cameras
  • High efficiency H.265 encoding
  • On-board storage: 1 TeraByte
  • Optional 4G cellular package includes:
  • -Command Vision dashboard
  • -10 second GPS tracking
  • -Crash detection with auto uploading
  • -Driver behavior scoring & alerts
  • -Driver SOS and input monitoring
  • Integrated WiFi downloading
  • Optional DSM driver safety monitoring
  • Optional ADAS driving assistance

Scout HDV-85 HHD

8 Camera MDVR | Expandable to 12 Cameras

  • Supports up to 12 HD cameras
  • High efficiency H.265 encoding
  • On-board storage: 2 TeraBytes
  • Optional 4G cellular package includes:
  • -Command Vision dashboard
  • -10 second GPS tracking
  • -Crash detection with auto uploading
  • -Driver behavior scoring & alerts
  • -Driver SOS and input monitoring
  • Integrated WiFi downloading
  • Optional DSM driver safety monitoring
  • Optional ADAS driving assistance

What Makes Scout MDVR Systems Stand Apart?

Increased Efficiency

Scout MDVR systems utilize the very latest video compression technology, called H.265, which effectively doubles the amount of video history that the MDVR can store. This is important when an incident comes to your attention, requiring review, that occurred 2, 3 or 4 weeks in the past. Whereas most systems will only store a few days of history, Scout can provide up to a full month of history. That same technology reduces data consumption by 50% when you do need to stream live video.

  • H.265 video compression provides twice the efficiency
  • Choose from dual 256GB SD cards or up to 2 TB hard drive
  • Maximizes stored history, up to 30 days with 4 HD cameras
  • Protect your drivers & minimize your liability
  • Reduce live streaming data consumption by 50%

Increased Flexibility

Scout MDVR systems provide exceptional flexibility. Choose from 2, 4, 8 or 12 camera configurations. Choose from a wide range of cameras. Then, choose your preferred storage medium and desired history duration. Do you require live video streaming and GPS tracking or will WiFi downloading be sufficient? Choose from a wide range of sensors that you may wish to monitor, such as PTO, driver ID, seatlbelt, SOS, fuel, temperature, ELD, etc. Scout MDVR systems give you flexibility:

  • Choose a package that meets your needs now and for the future
  • Choose the camera positions you need for effective coverage
  • Configure the type and length of storage history required
  • Choose from historical or real-time tracking & video streaming
  • Choose any external sensors you wish to monitor

Increased Functionality

Often, MDVR and dash cam providers, such as Samsara and Verizon offer cookie cutter, one size fits all solutions to simplify their product support requirements. Scout systems offer much deeper and broader functionality, allowing us to cater the system to your needs instead of ours. Not only will you get a broader historical record of vehicle activity but much better access to review that information via multiple methods.

  • Increased multi-camera expansion capability
  • Improved efficiency -increased storage & reduced airtime
  • Multiple access methods to review stored video
  • Powerful cloud-based dashboard with Google Maps
  • Supervisor apps, reports, notifications

Superior Value

If you combine improved functionality with greater economy, the result is superior value. Instead of roping you into costly, long-term agreements, we provide high quality MDVR systems at reasonable prices, with zero contract requirements. You can decide if you prefer stand-alone devices with no ongoing monthly cost or choose from a range of monthly services for real-time GPS tracking and/or live video streaming.

  • Reasonable priced, high quality MDVR hardware
  • Configure the devices with the capabilities you need
  • Choose stand-alone devices or activate them anytime
  • Choose USB, WiFi or live cellular video review
  • Add on live tracking & streaming at any time
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