About Future Quest Wireless

For over 20 years, Future Quest has helped service companies realize their vision, through the practical application and utilization of technology.

Powerful business tools are readily available that can dramatically improve the efficiency and accuracy of delivering service to your customers. The challenge is knowing which tools to use and how to apply them effectively within your organization, while maintaining your core business focus. Future Quest specializes exclusively in the design, distribution and support of “WorkForce Solutions”, including vehicle tracking systems, fleet management systems and vertical market specific business management and digital dispatch systems.

Future Quest solutions are truly “Road Worthy”.

There is a distinct need in the market for a company that can take all of this technology, simplify it and package it in a way that makes sense to and serves the needs of service organizations in North America.

Future Quest is that company.

Future Quest founder and President, Gord Walsh, is a wireless communications industry veteran with over 30 years of experience, in the design, distribution and support of a wide range of telecommunications systems and products, including public safety, wireless voice and data networks and software solutions to a wide range of vertical service industries. Prior to forming Future Quest in 1998, Mr. Walsh held key positions of responsibility with leading distribution companies specializing in turnkey telecommunications and fleet management systems.

The company provides product distribution, provisioning, consulting, support and training services throughout North America.

  1. Who is Future Quest Wireless
    Future Quest is a private corporation focused on helping organizations that have a field workforce, improve their operating efficiency, customer service and other business-critical factors. These improvements are accomplished through the implementation of market specific business management software applications. Most of these software applications are optionally wirelessly enabled to further extend the value proposition for the business end user.

    Primary markets include passenger transportation, non-emergency medical transport, towing, field service and delivery. However, many of our products have applications outside of those industries.

  2. What does Future Quest do?
    We work with prospective customers to determine their corporate and operational objectives, then make product recommendations that contribute positively towards their achievement.

    If Future Quest does not represent an appropriate solution, we may offer our service in a consulting capacity to assist in finding the best solution available.

    We are committed to recommending our own represented products only if they truly meet the needs of the prospective customer and provide a justifiable return on investment.

  3. What kind of products does Future Quest provide?
    The company specializes in complete, market-specific dispatch systems, mobile payment processing, vehicle tracking and fleet management.

  4. What is a Workforce Solution?
    When we speak of Workforce Solutions, we refer to the combination of a business management application and a data dispatch system.

    A wide range of workforce automation applications are available for virtually every vertical market, including Field Service, Package Delivery, Property Management, Para-transit, Taxi, Limousine, Airport Shuttle and Towing, EMS, etc.

    Most are highly specialized to address the needs of one particular vertical or even sub-vertical industry. For example, the functionality required by an Overnight Courier is substantially different than that required by a Same-Day Express Courier. Similarly, the decision criteria or rules by which a job is dispatched to a given driver in a taxi company are quite different as they would be for a limousine company.

  5. How does this help my company?
    An effective business management system greatly accelerates the process of accepting, scheduling and pricing a customer order, then simplifies or even automates the assignment of that order to a field worker or driver.

    Once assigned to a worker, most systems then monitor and record the status of all work on a real-time basis, allowing for accurate and professional response to customer queries, as well as the balancing of work-loads. In addition, a turnkey business management solution integrates the process of billing completed work, tracking accounts receivable and posting financial transactions to an accounting general ledger.

    Throughout all of these processes, a series of industry specific reports keeps management informed of collective and individual performance results, business trends, problem areas and customer service levels, etc.

    In any organization that involves the delivery of services through a field work-force, the greatest costs of providing that service can be found in its human resources and equipment. How efficiently these resources are utilized directly determines both the profitability and competitiveness of the business.

  6. How can I find out more?
    Visit the GPS Commander and Taxi Commander overview pages on this website.  This will guide you to the various products available from Future Quest. Contact us by phone or email to address any questions or to explore the options available that address your business needs.

  7. What kind of support can Future Quest provide?
    Each product or solution represented has an extensive support mechanism in place through the primary vendor. In addition to vendor support, Future Quest provides integration, training, implementation and consulting services upon demand. Read more about our Support offerings in reference to your preferred solution; whether it’s Taxi Commander and GPS Commander, we have robust support offerings to best serve you.