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GPS Smartphone Tracking


WiaTag is a smartphone app designed for business use, that let’s you track the real-time location of mobile employees, using their smartphones. It runs seamlessly and reliably in the background without employee intervention. WiaTag also includes the ability to send messages, pictures and files between the office and employees.


Simple and Autonomous

  • Available for Android and iPhone devices
  • Starts automatically upon phone power up
  • Operates automatically without any user input
  • Supervisor mode prevents app shutdown
  • Integrated fleet messaging
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Works With Your Whole Fleet

  • Track any combination of smartphones and black boxes
  • Track people, vehicles, equipment and other assets
  • Track all your employees together on one map!
  • Create divisional or departmental groups as you see fit
  • Access the cloud-based portal from any web browser
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What's Included?

WiaTag is a smartphone GPS tracking app that works with the GPS Commander cloud-based web tracking portal. The tracking portal includes a wide range of great features, allowing you to track any combination of smartphones, vehicles and assets all at the same time. Scout low monthly subscription includes our full range of live tracking and historical playback features, a full range of automated reports and a complete set of alerts.

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