Key Benefits of a GPS Tracking System

For virtually any service organization with employees that tend to be out and about in the field, maintaining effective control and operational efficiency of those resources is critical to profitability. External employees, vehicles and equipment resources represent your most significant operating costs and hence, the greatest opportunity for efficiency improvements that can contribute directly to the bottom line. At the same time, those resources have the potential to make direct positive impacts upon customer service, an area that translates effectively to not only protecting, but increasing revenue.  This is where GPS tracking system pays dividends, ensuring that these resources are fully utilized and that billable labor and customer service are optimized. 

Key Benefits of a GPS Tracking System:

  • Reduced fuel costs

One of the primary operating costs for any fleet is vehicle fuel. A gps tracking system can minimize fuel consumption in several ways: a) Helping dispatch to the closest vehicle to a pending job, thereby saving fuel. b) Minimization of unauthorized vehicle activity and after hours usage/moonlighting. c) Minimization of wasted fuel through vehicle extended vehicle idling alerts. d) Dispatcher awareness of live traffic flow in the region. e) Vehicle routing assistance.

  • Increased billable labor

An effective fleet management system provides management with an accurate accounting of billable events, such as actual time at a jobsite, actual travel time and accurate travel distances, to name a few. Having actual jobsite arrival and departure times, travel mileage etc. prevents billing mistakes and their associated customer complaints. GPS Commander’s GPS tracking system allows fleet managers to create geofence boundaries around key job sites, so that all field worker activity will be automatically registered. This often results in increased billable labor because actual resources involved in a job are not inadvertently overlooked.

  • More efficient use of resources

Maintaining control over your field workers and equipment allows greater utilization of them to occur. Knowing the precise status and location of your people and equipment means that job assignments will be more efficient. For example knowing the closest vehicle to a job or the most efficient route. Knowing the current status of your workers or vehicles helps distributing work more evenly and increased utilization. GPS Commander’s optional dispatch solutions can further improve utilization as a result of knowing the precise job status of each job and vehicle.

  • Improved customer service

What creates customer satisfaction? Often, it’s simply the lack of surprises and/or unanticipated outcomes. A job gets booked. The job gets completed. No surprises -everyone is happy! A GPS tracking system helps prevent surprises as it empowers everyone in your office by keeping them apprised of the real-time flow of your business. It’s like having a picture window in your dispatch centre. This real-time awareness prevents surprises by informing your staff when things go awry or not according to plan. The ability to pre-empt disruptions or at least respond quickly to them. “Our associate will be arriving in just a couple of minutes” or “our associate is running 20 minutes behind -so we thought you’d like to know”.

  • Improved communications

Effective communication is the key to any business’ success. GPS Commander assists throughout every given day, with a real-time GPS tracking system that helps improve communications and update expectations. There is no need to call a driver to ask his location or status when you already know. When it’s all done, GPS Commander lends an assist with an accurate accounting of what actually occurred.

  • Increased employee safety

An effective fleet management system can increase the safety of your field employees in a couple of ways.  First, GPS Commander can provide an emergency SOS function  -available either as an emergency foot-switch on an installed-in-vehicle system or as an SOS button on a personal tracking device or smartphone tracking app. If your driver is upside down in a ditch, stuck in a snowbank or being threatened, a driver emergency function could save their life. Secondly, maintaining awareness of driver behaviour will lead to improved employee safety. GPS Commander provides a wide range of related capabilities from an intelligent smartphone app that knows when your driver is texting to hard cornering, braking, acceleration and speeding alerts while driving. 

Due to tremendous improvements in technology, manufacturing and wireless data technology, the value provided by a GPS tracking system today is exceptional. GPS Commander is a leader in this space, with a powerful, cloud-based fleet management platform that is reliable, affordable and easy-to-use. Call us at 866-936-1429 today or click here to learn more about GPS Commander.


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