Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

It’s a competitive world out there. Almost regardless of any business we look at today, competition abounds. When it comes to measuring value, today’s consumers are highly informed and educated, thanks to the connected world we live in. With smartphones, the internet and social media at our disposal, it’s a simple matter to research an industry, a company or a product in a matter of minutes. As a result, unless your business is based strictly on convenience like the corner 7-11 store, we all have to stand up and be counted -or better put, stand apart. In the GPS fleet tracking world, competition is intense with literally hundreds of companies vying for your business. This makes it very difficult for any one company to stand apart and the industry has become somewhat of a commodity product. So, how do we differentiate and how do you choose?

A Bit Of History…

Perhaps the most reliable way to prove our reliability over the long term is to prove our history. We’ve been providing GPS tracking solutions for over 17 years. Here’s what our website looked like 14 years ago: Click here to see the old site! Back then, it was a little easier to stand apart, when the GPS tracking business was still in its infancy and very much a niche business. It was also a lot easier to make a profit, when the typical GPS tracking device sold for over $1,000.00 per vehicle, with $400.00 of margin to us! Today, our hardware margin would be less than 10% of that amount per device -often less than $20.00 per device!

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Leave Anytime!

We don’t believe in tying our customers hands behind their back. None of our solutions require any long term commitment. We believe that if the solutions we provide are well suited to the customers that use them, those customers are more likely to stick around. A lot of good things come from this philosophy: We’re less likely to over-promise or try to fit a square peg into a round hole. A well suited solution also implies that it is great value and reliable. We’ll earn your business each and every month.

No Bad News…

In all this time that we have been providing real time GPS tracking systems to clients worldwide, we’ve never made any enemies. How do we know that? In this day and age, it would be all over the internet! In fact, we have many clients that have been with us this entire time. We must be doing something right. Check out our Testimonials for more good news.


You can always tell a good company by how long they keep their employees. Perhaps even more-so, you can tell by how long they keep their customers. We have many GPS tracking clients that are on their 3rd generation of GPS tracking hardware with us. Customers that started with CDPD, moved to CDMA, then to HSPA. At GPS Commander, we’ll do everything we can to limit your obsolescence risk. For example, today, even though most of our competitors continue to sell 2G GPS tracking devices so as to look inexpensive, we don’t sell anything but 3G+ hardware in order to keep you ahead of the curve.

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How do you measure value? The reality is that the largest GPS tracking providers in the industry are providing the same type of products that we are and in many cases, they are even providing the exact same hardware models. Our cloud-based system matches up feature for feature with the industry’s best. So, if the products are similar, then why are some GPS tracking companies larger than others? Its simple -they spend far more money on sales and marketing. How do they pay for all that expensive marketing and those expensive sales people? As you might guess – by charging you more for their devices and signing you to a long term agreement. Then, they capitalize the entire contract and count it all as revenue up front. All this deferred revenue lets them raise more capital to buy more marketing. So, when you measure value, consider what you’re really paying for. With GPS Commander, your dollars go straight to the product you’re receiving, instead of customer acquisition.



Exceptional support commences with an exceptional product. We can’t recall our cloud-based system ever being off the air! We combine our state of the art cloud technology with a lifetime limited hardware warranty (that there are no hidden fees for) to keep your system running at peak performance. Then, we back it with a 24×7 HelpDesk that is knowledgable, accessible and responsive. Ask any of our customers!