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Ai Powered Fleet Dash Cam

Scout HDC-25 Series Dash Cam System

Scout Ai powered HDC series fleet dash cams help fleets reduce their liability exposure, while increase driver safety. Scout dashcams include live GPS tracking, video streaming, harsh driving analysis and driver SOS, all in one low cost package.  


Ai Powered, Powerful, Flexible

  • Artificial intelligence, future proof design
  • Upgrade to ADAS and/or DSM over-the-air anytime
  • Integrated microphone for evidence capture
  • Built-in LTE 4G, GPS, WiFi connectivity
  • Bundled with GPS tracking, live video streaming
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ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance)

  • Forward collision avoidance
  • Following too close
  • Front vehicle start notification
  • Lane departure warning
  • Pedestrian detection
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Driver Safety Monitoring

  • Distracted driving
  • Driver smoking
  • Driver fatigue alerts
  • Driver Smartphone use
  • Driver identification
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Ultra Efficient Video Encoding

  • Utilizes efficient H.265 video encoding
  • Twice as efficient as H.264 encoding
  • Uses 1/2 the cellular data on live streaming
  • Stores twice the historical evidence
  • Reduced monthly data costs
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Configure Scout Fleet Dash Cam

The Scout Fleet Dash Cam is available in single, dual or triple camera configurations to meet a wide range of requirements. All 3 configurations include an integrated 1080p forward-facing wide angle camera with Starlight Vision to provide an exceptionally clear view of the road ahead in all light conditions. This ensures you’ll have the evidence you need to prove what actually occurred in any given situation, such as an accident or other event. All 3 versions include integrated audio recording. The dual camera version is the most popular configuration, which includes an integrated wide angle interior-facing camera with infrared night vision to capture the inside of the vehicle cabin. Both the single and dual camera versions can accomodate an external camera of your choosing. This could be a dedicated DSM (Driver Safety Monitor) camera, a rear weatherproof camera or a mini dome camera in the back of a delivery truck for example. The 3 camera version is essentially the dual camera system with a third camera of your choice, which could be a dedicated DSM camera.

In today’s market, Ai or “articial intelligence” is becoming mainstream. The use of Ai enables a powerful set of features that monitor and coach driver behavior in order to increase safety. These features can include forward-facing Ai, called “ADAS” (Advanced Driver Assistance) or driver-facing Ai, called “DSM” (Driver Safety Monitoring). These features are outlined above. Scout is unique in its ability to be upgraded in the field, over-the-air to enable its full artificial intelligence capabilities. This means that you can purchase an economical Scout dash cam system now, then upgrade it remotely to license it’s integrated ADAS and/or DSM feature sets, whever you’re ready.

Scout fleet dash cams combine GPS technology, high definition video, driving behavior analysis and 4G connectivity to bring new insight and awareness to drivers and their supervisors. Predefined driving events, such as hard cornering, braking, acceleration and speeding are uploaded over 4G cellular to the cloud-based GPS Commander system seamlessly for subsequent review by a supervisor. In addition, live video streaming is available at any time. Any and all events that are sent to the cloud, whether from triggered events or live streaming over cellular will be kept for 90 days in the cloud. They can be repeatedly played, reviewed or downloaded for the next 90 days without using any additional cellular data. This information is 100% confidential to your organization. Extending Scout SDC-25’s capabilities by activating its ADAS and/or DSM technology enables additional safety monitoring. Events such as following too close, lane adherence, driver fatigue, smartphone use, etc., are also sent to the Evidence Dashboard for review.

The cloud-based GPS Commander system shows any such events for review. Click on any event to watch a 1080p HD video of it actually occurring, with full sound. For example, one of your drivers shows a hard cornering event. Clicking on it will play the video right in your browser, commencing a few seconds prior, so you can literally watch the hard cornering event unfold, showing both the front facing and driver facing cameras. The GPS Commander dashboard lets you configure these events and exceptions to suit your needs. In the event of a crash, the complete event is automatically streamed to GPS Commander for review, where you may use it for review or evidence.

Often, critical situations we want to review were not captured by a pre-defined trigger. For example, your driver was involved in a verbal or physical altercation with another motorist or worker. Or, a passenger in one of your vehicles complained about your driver’s behavior. Scout dash cam systems are set up to capture and store 100% of the view from each camera, the entire time the vehicle is in operation. Up to 3 weeks of complete driving history is stored on-board the device, which can be downloaded and/or viewed in high definition at anytime. In addition to being able to watch or download stored history over the cellular network via web browser or the included apps, it may also be viewed or downloaded over WiFi from the included smartphone app. Larger fleets can also install WiFi in the yard and set up rules to automatically download activities when back at yard.

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Fleet Dash Cam Configurations

Single Dash Cam

Upgrade to Ai Anytime

  • Integrated Forward Facing Camera
  • N/A
  • External Port for Second Camera
  • 4G LTE Connectivity
  • Dual WiFi Capability
  • 10 Second GPS Tracking
  • Evidence Dashboard
  • Live Video & Snapshots
  • Driver SOS Button

Dual Dash Cam

Upgrade to Ai Anytime

  • Integrated Forward Facing Camera
  • Integrated Interior Facing Camera
  • External Port for Third Camera
  • 4G LTE Connectivity
  • Dual WiFi Capability
  • 10 Second GPS Tracking
  • Evidence Dashboard
  • Live Video & Snapshots
  • Driver SOS Button

Triple Dash Cam

ADAS & DSM Included

  • Integrated Forward Facing Camera
  • Integrated Interior Facing Camera
  • Dedicated External DSM Camera
  • 4G LTE Connectivity
  • Dual WiFi Capability
  • 10 Second GPS Tracking
  • Evidence Dashboard
  • Live Video & Snapshots
  • Driver SOS Button

What Makes Scout Dash Cam Systems Stand Apart?

Increased Efficiency

Scout video systems utilize the very latest video compression technology, called H.265, which effectively doubles the amount of video history that the dashcam can store. This is important when an incident comes to your attention, requiring review, that occurred several days previously. Whereas most systems will only store a few days of history, Scout can provide up to 3 weeks history. That same technology reduces data consumption by 50% when you do need to stream live video.

  • H.265 video compression provides twice the efficiency
  • Up to 512GB SD card storage
  • Maximizes stored history, up to 21 days 
  • Protect your drivers & minimize your liability
  • Reduce live streaming data consumption by 50%

Increased Flexibility

Scout dash cam systems provide exceptional flexibility. Choose from 1, 2, or 3 camera configurations. Choose from a wide range of cameras. Then, choose your preferred storage medium and desired history duration. Do you require live video streaming and GPS tracking or will WiFi downloading be sufficient? Choose from a wide range of sensors that you may wish to monitor, such as PTO, driver ID, seatlbelt, SOS, fuel, temperature, ELD, etc. Scout MDVR systems give you flexibility:

  • Choose a package that meets your needs now and for the future
  • Choose the camera positions you need for effective coverage
  • Configure the type and length of storage history required
  • Choose from historical or real-time tracking & video streaming
  • Choose any external sensors you wish to monitor

Increased Functionality

Often, other dash cam providers, such as Samsara and Verizon offer cookie cutter, one size fits all solutions to simplify their product support requirements. Scout systems offer much deeper and broader functionality, allowing us to cater the system to your needs instead of ours. Not only will you get a broader historical record of vehicle activity but much better access to review that information via multiple methods.

  • Increased multi-camera expansion capability
  • Improved efficiency -increased storage & reduced airtime
  • Multiple access methods to review stored video
  • Powerful cloud-based dashboard with Google Maps
  • Supervisor apps, reports, notifications

Superior Value

If you combine improved functionality with greater economy, the result is superior value. Instead of roping you into costly, long-term agreements, we provide high quality dash cam systems at reasonable prices, with zero contract requirements. You can decide if you prefer stand-alone devices with no ongoing monthly cost or choose from a range of monthly services for real-time GPS tracking and/or live video streaming.

  • Reasonable priced, high quality hardware
  • Configure the devices with the capabilities you need
  • Choose stand-alone devices or activate them anytime
  • Choose USB, WiFi or live cellular video review
  • Add on live tracking & streaming at any time

VSS System (Video Safety System)

Scout video solutions are included with the VSS Safety System, which provides a wide range of powerful, yet easy to use capabilities:

The VSS Video Safety System is accessible from any web browser, as well as a Windows Program and as smartphone apps for both iOS and Android. In addition to all of the functions described below, VSS provides the ability to configure all features and settings of the dash cams over-the-air remotely. This gives supervisors extensive control and flexibility to make changes on the fly in order to optimize performance while minimizing false events.

Live Video Streaming & Location

VSS lets you view live video from one or more cameras with a single click, using highly efficient H.265 technology to save on cellular bandwidth. See real-time location, vehicle status and alarms. View as many as 16 cameras from multiple vehicles at one time. Expand any camera full screen, take snapshots, listen to live vehicle audio. VSS puts you in control.

Historical Video Playback

Video playback is exceptionally simple from VSS. Choose the date, time range and vehicle, then query the stored video on the vehicle to see a timeline of recorded history. Choose the cameras you’d like to see and double click. Watch the video live while you see vehicle location and status. Scan through several video segments to find the incident you’re looking for, then download it with one click.

Create Predefined Ai Events

VSS allows exceptional flexibility on the creation of triggered events -these are situations where the driver’s exceeds specified parameters, such as following too close, falling asleep, smoking, etc. These events, when triggered can cause video, audio and location information to be uploaded automatically to the Evidence Dashboard where a supervisor can witness them as they unfolded. 


Evidence Dashboard

Predefined events are uploaded automatically to the Evidence Dashboard for supervisory review. Each event can consist of multiple camera views with video history, snapshots, audio and alarm information. You can filter the evidence dashboard by vehicle, fleet or alarm type(s). Clicking on the share button lets you share via QR code or link to a third party.

Evidence Playback

Clicking on any thumbnail as show above launches that specific evidence event as shown below. Now, see the map where it occured and a summary page with the event description, driver information, etc. Clicking on one of the thumnails on the right plays the histrical event on the left, allowing you to witness as the entire event unfolded.

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