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Cloud-Based GPS Tracking Portal

GPS Commander

Cloud-based GPS tracking has never been easier, with a carefully curated selection of integrated GPS and video telematics devices to choose from. Log into GPS Commander securely from anywhere, on any smartphone, tablet or computer.  With worldwide Google road, street and traffic maps, multiple language capability and an intuitive, friendly user interface, GPS Commander gives you greater control and visibility of your field resources.


Cloud-Based GPS Tracking Portal

  • Log in securely from anywhere, on any device, to track your fleet
  • Easy-to-learn and use with a beautiful, configurable dashboard
  • Google maps with map, street and satellite views
  • Real-time GPS tracking & historical playback
  • Fully integrated ELD and video telematics capabilities
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GPS Tracking Alerts

  • Configurable on-screen, email & text alerts
  • Integrated extended engine idling alerts
  • Engine or ignition on/off alerts
  • Speeding & seatbelt alerts
  • PTO and vehicle towing alerts
  • Hard cornering, braking, acceleration alerts
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Configurable Geo-Fence Boundaries

  • Create authorized truck routes
  • Attach them to specific vehicles/assets/people
  • Easily set up alerts when boundaries are crossed
  • Alerts can be time and/or speed sensitive
  • Fully patented technology
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Automated Reports

  • Choose from canned or customized reports
  • Create reports that highlight important data
  • Add graphics and charts
  • Memorize & automate report delivery
  • Create real-time widgets on your dashboard
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An In-Dept Look At The Features

Cloud-Based GPS Tracking Portal

GPS Commander’s cloud-based GPS tracking portal combines the latest web technologies in a user-friendly interface for reliable, functional fleet tracking. There is no software to install or maintain. GPS Commander is hosted in a professional data center to provide a highly stable, scalable architecture. With worldwide Google maps, multiple language capabilities and a sophisticated security interface, GPS Commander can be configured to align with the needs of virtually any organization.

  • Group fleets to match divisional or geographic needs
  • Web portal privileges can be aligned with corporate hierarchical needs
  • Set preferred default maps, vehicle names, icons, views, one-touch pop-ups, filters, indicators
  • Highly configurable alerts: on-screen, pop-up, email, SMS, push notification
  • One-touch quick track historical location display
  • Detailed 12 months of history playback with Google Street View
  • Configurable drag and drop widget dashboard


GPS Commander allows fleet managers to easily configure alerts. Over 30 types of alerts can be created, including Ignition On, Extended Idle, Door Open, Speeding, Panic Alarm, Boundary Crossed, Trailer Detached, PTO, etc. Each  alert type can be pre-configured to suit the requirements for alert type, frequency, etc. In addition to receiving real-time alerts, the Fleet Manager may look up historical alerts with their accompanying GPS location information.

  • Create sensors for any application, such as fuel, PTO, speed, door, temp, geofence, etc.
  • Create on-the-fly custom notifications and attach to any preconfigured sensor
  • Associate each notification with a vehicle, asset, person or group of such
  • Choose the preferred notification type(s) such as on-screen, email, SMS, in-app push, etc.
  • Choose the repeat frequency, spacing and other parameters for each alert

Boundaries (GeoFences)

To create a new Boundary:

  • Choose the type of boundary shape preferred (circle, polygon, etc)
  • Authorized vehicle routes can also be easily created
  • Using the mouse drawing tool, create the shape directly on the map
  • Choose boundary notifications upon fence exit or arrival
  • Assign your new boundary to the asset that you wish to track
  • Choose the type of alert(s) you want for boundary violation

Video Telematics

GPS Commander includes easy-to-use, fully integrated video telematics capabilities, allowing fleets to mix and match GPS tracking devices with dash cam systems and multi-camera MDVR systems. A Video Tab on the dashboard exposes a wide range of capabilities, to allow real-time viewing and historical review of on-board camera systems on the vehicles:

  • Take remote snaphots from any camera on any vehicle
  • Watch live streamed 1080p video in H.265 format from any vehicle
  • Upload video evidence automatically from pre-defined events
  • Review events in the evidence dashboard caused by triggers
  • Search the video history of any vehicle, then watch or download it
  • Set custom notifications for each pre-defined video event


Several reports are included with GPS Commander, including:

  • Alerts Report –shows all alerts, indicating the severity, type of alerts and location
  • Trip Detail Report –shows start times & locations, stop locations & stop duration, trip distances
  • Login Report –shows GPC Commander login and logout times with user names
  • Detailed Device Report –export detailed activity to Excel or Google Earth
  • Device Assignment Report –lists which devices are attached to which people or drivers in your organization
  • Landmark Status Report –Landmark Status displays when landmark status changed
  • Mileage Report – Display the approximate mileage traveled by date range per vehicle or person
  • Speed Report – Speed Report displays all sessions with speed greater than the device max speed allowed
  • Trip Summary Report –Quick summary of trip distances, with Ignition On/Off indications
  • State/Province Mileage Report –summary of trip distances, by Sate and Province for fuel tax reporting
  • Vehicle Maintenance Reports –show scheduled and/or completed vehicle maintenance activities
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