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Cloud-Based GPS Tracking Portal

GPS Commander

An In-Dept Look At The Features

Cloud-Based GPS Tracking Portal

GPS Commander’s cloud-based GPS tracking portal combines the latest web technologies in a user-friendly interface for reliable, functional fleet tracking. There is no software to install or maintain. GPS Commander is hosted in a professional data center to provide a highly stable, scalable architecture. With worldwide Google maps, multiple language capabilities and a sophisticated security interface, GPS Commander can be configured to align with the needs of virtually any organization.

For example, fleets can be segmented to match the divisional or geographic needs of organizations. Tracking portal access logins and their associated privileges can also be finely aligned with corporate hierarchical needs.

GPS Commander’s Dashboard allows fleet managers to fine tune the layout of their tracking portal to suit personal preferences. Default maps can be created with initial map view set as a road map, satellite view or hybrid view that combines both. At any time, click a button to hide the dashboard for full-screen map views.

The easy-to-use interface provides for both real-time and historical tracking of people, assets, vehicles and trailers. Customize your vehicle icons, device and vehicle names, and alerts at any time. Set up on-screen and email alerts to notify managers of speeding, vehicle input and location based infractions that you’ve custom defined through the dashboard.

The quick search function and one-touch filters let you choose whether to view real-time GPS tracking information for one particular device or group of devices. Historical positions are numbered chronologically for simple analysis. Toolbars provide one-touch access to historical playback, export to Excel, zoom, pan and other useful map functions. At any time, switch to real-time Google Earth view or export an entire historical track to Google Earth.

GPS Commander allows Fleet Supervisors to create unlimited Landmarks in order to add context to the tracking system. Landmarks can be used to identify job sites, employee homes, frequent customer locations and so on… GPS tracking activity at these Landmarks will then be identified in both live and historical GPS tracking views and reports. For example, you could quickly analyze your on-time performance for deliveries to your repeat clients or calculate actual time on a job site for billing or payroll purposes.

In addition, GPS Commander’s cloud-based tracking portal includes a powerful Geo-Fence editor can be used to create boundaries that can then be assigned to specific employees, vehicles or assets in your organization. Receive on-screen and email alerts when these boundaries are violated. For example, alert your Security Department if one of your assets leaves a job site or alert an important customer when one of your vehicles arrives at their location.


GPS Commander allows fleet managers to easily configure alerts. Over 30 types of alerts can be created, including Ignition On, Extended Idle, Door Open, Speeding, Panic Alarm, Boundary Crossed, Trailer Detached, PTO On, etc.

Each configured alert can then be assigned to a pre-defined alert level, which defines the type of notification a Fleet Manager will receive when the alert is activated. For example, a Level One alert may have a Green Alert Icon; produce a specific sound on the user’s PC and pop up an on-screen alert notice. A Level 5 Alert may have a Red Icon, play an emergency alarm type of sound, pop up an on-screen alert and send a pre-defined email to specific Supervisors.

Alerts can be defined to suit a particular customer situation. For example, a Towing company may wish to receive Level 1 Alerts for speeding infractions, Level 2 Alerts for PTO activity, Level 3 Alerts for Boundary infractions and Level 5 Alerts for Driver Emergency. Each of these alerts would follow the pre-defined notification settings.

In addition to receiving real-time alerts, Fleet Manager may look up historical alerts with their accompanying GPS location information or produce on-screen, PDF or printed reports.

Boundaries (GeoFences)

To create a new Boundary:

  • Choose the type of shape you want (rectangle, circle, square, oblong or multi-sided polygon)
  • Authorized vehicle routes can also be easily created to define permitted paths
  • Using the mouse drawing tool, create the shape directly on the map
  • Choose whether you want boundary notification to occur upon exit from that fence or arrival to that fence
  • Assign your new boundary to the person, vehicle, trailer or asset that you wish to track
  • Choose the type of alert(s) you want for boundary violation (email, on-screen)
  • Boundary violations will now be received, as well as can be viewed in written reports

Real-Time Fleet Status View

Configure a tabular view or your assets:

  • Visualize all of your assets in a dynamic spreadsheet view
  • This allows a dispatcher to quickly find the best resource for a job
  • See the current address, speed, heading and status of all your resources
  • Easily configure the columns to be included in the status view
  • Filter the view with one-touch filters to quickly see assets of interest


Several reports are included with GPS Commander, including:

  • Alerts Report –shows all alerts, indicating the severity, type of alerts and location
  • Trip Detail Report –shows start times & locations, stop locations & stop duration, trip distances
  • Login Report –shows GPC Commander login and logout times with user names
  • Detailed Device Report –export detailed activity to Excel or Google Earth
  • Device Assignment Report –lists which devices are attached to which people or drivers in your organization
  • Landmark Status Report –Landmark Status displays when landmark status changed
  • Mileage Report – Display the approximate mileage traveled by date range per vehicle or person
  • Speed Report – Speed Report displays all session with speed greater than the device max speed allowed or a user provided speed
  • Trip Summary Report –Quick summary of trip distances, with Ignition On/Off indications
  • State/Province Mileage Report –summary of trip distances, by Sate and Province for fuel tax reporting
  • Vehicle Maintenance Reports –show scheduled and/or completed vehicle maintenance activities
  • Alert Report –summary of alerts, including ignition on/off, speeding, boundary, idling, sensors, etc.

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