GPS Commander Releases Instant Map Share

GPS Commander is pleased to announce an innovative new feature has been added to its GPS tracking portal, called Instant Map Share.

Available to all GPS Commander GPS tracking subscribers, Instant Map Share allows authorized fleet managers and supervisors to instantly share the real-time GPS location of a particular employee, vehicle or asset with specific external people.

For example, A shipping company is delivering an important load for one of their customers and wishes to allow the warehouse supervisor of that customer to track that particular load in real time. With Instant Map Share, a Live Map View window can be created with a mouse click. Each Live Map View will follow only one specific person, asset or vehicle in its own individual Google Map window. Any Live Map View window can then be shared with external person(s) by an instant email link. Upon receiving an Instant Map Share invitation, the warehouse supervisor, in this case, simply clicks on the link in the email and is now able to track that vehicle in real time.

When sending a Map Sharing invitation, a drop down box allows a time expiry period to be chosen, after which the Live Map View link will cease to function. Any period ranging from a few minutes to a month may be selected. In the warehouse supervisor’s case, the link would be set to expire shortly after the truck’s scheduled arrival date. The Map refresh rate can also be pre-selected, simplifying operation for the person receiving the invitation. GPS Commander’s highly flexible security functions provide complete control over which employees in an organization can send Instant Map Share invitations.

In another example, a vehicle is stolen and the police are summoned. The manager in charge sends an Instant Map Sharing invitation to the police, allowing them to directly track the vehicle’s real-time GPS location, greatly simplifying its recovery. GPS Commander Instant Map Share windows can be viewed from any Smartphone or internet browser. The person, asset or vehicle being tracked always stays centered in the window, with both satellite and street views provided.

In addition to the benefits of external location sharing, this powerful new GPS tracking feature allows for improved internal monitoring capabilities. For example, a fleet supervisor or company owner could bookmark each of his company vehicles on his smartphone and quickly launch a live window to track a particular vehicle or employee. At the dispatch centre, each individual vehicle can be tracked in its own window, in addition to the global view of the entire fleet.

Instant Map Share is provided at no charge to all GPS Commander GPS tracking subscribers. GPS Commander is a leading provider of real time GPS tracking solutions


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