Asset Tracking and Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Without revealing any plot-shattering details of the latest film in the Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan (2012), we can say this: asset-tracking technology plays an essential supporting role. In the film, the billionaire hero Bruce Wayne tracks the location of a certain GPS-device-equipped object after Selina Kyle (Catwoman), thieves it away. Burglary is no match for Batman, especially when it comes to protecting valuable assets.

And with Explorer AT, the affordable and durable asset tracking solution offered by GPS Commander, your company assets can benefit from superhero-sized security, too.

The Explorer AT device features a sealed, waterproof enclosure that meets military specifications for shock and vibration. This benefits a diverse range of fleet company needs. Whether harnessing the device to heavy-duty construction equipment on site, or attaching it to a trailer on the road, the Explorer AT system withstands the wear and tear of long-term tracking.

Perhaps Bruce Wayne, holed up in Wayne Mansion for eight years, could attest to the value of long-lasting battery life and durability. His GPS-device-equipped asset sat ready for tracking, despite years of dormancy. It took a cat-like burglar to put it to use, and to put Batman back in the crime fighting game.

Explorer AT was developed with these values in mind. The Explorer AT device has a built-in motion detector and input monitoring to wake the unit from deep sleep upon sensing activity. This allows the device to sit idle for extended periods. With its integrated battery system, you can count on up to eighteen months of asset protection before requiring an automatic recharge!

Owning sophisticated GPS tracking technology like Bruce Wayne doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. Explorer AT is a state-of-the-art asset tracking solution with a low initial cost (link) and affordable monthly rates. These devices provide a win-win benefit to your company as a security measure that can lower insurance premiums dramatically.

In Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne recovers the priceless asset from the clutches of Catwoman. The long-term savings are pretty clear. For companies with assets that could be stolen, borrowed against authoritative permission, or moved unknowingly, Explorer AT and other asset tracking devices will not only recover the assets themselves, but also greatly reduce the time spent monitoring asset location.

For companies with equipment inventories in the hundreds or thousands of pieces, an Explorer AT solution rapidly improves time management. Business administrators can monitor the devices with the user-friendly GPS Commander web-based tracking portal, which comes equipped with the latest GPS mapping and software technologies. Administrators can create geo-fence boundaries, custom-created reports, choose from real-time or historical GPS tracking information, and build maps with unlimited numbers of Landmarks, to make asset monitoring an empowering and effective experience.

Sometimes even superheroes need a bit of technological assistance to keep costs down and assets protected. Explorer AT is a sophisticated and dependable asset tracking solution that will play more than a supporting role in cutting costs and increasing security for your company. We also offer a lifetime warranty. Batman might be a bit jealous.

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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is in theatres now-we suggest you check it out!


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