You Asked: “What Should I Look For in a Trailer Tracking GPS System?”

Here at the GPS Commander headquarters in Kelowna BC, we often field questions from potential clients who are interested in integrating GPS tracking technology into their fleet businesses, but are unsure of what qualities to value in a tracking system.

We like to provide detailed market reports and thorough advice to help fleet managers and individuals understand their choices. GPS Commander thrives on the philosophy of putting control back in the hands of the client; a comprehensive education of how GPS technology operates, and how to choose the best system to suit one’s needs is the first step in that process.

So today we’re addressing an emailed question from a fleet manager with one-hundred-and-forty-seven trailers in his possession. He says that, “It’s really inefficient to monitor [his] trailers with no formal system. [He] depend[s] on constant communication between drivers and the home base through phone calls, and it’s getting stupid expensive.” GPS trailer tracking seems attractive: GPS technology for trailer tracking solutions

“What should I look for in a trailer tracking
GPS system?”

We say:

1. Durability
Trailers often endure temperature and weather fluctuations. Your trailer tracking devices should come in a fully sealed enclosure to protect the internal electronics. Rover TT (link) is the GPS Commander trailer tracking solution with Military Specification Standard IP-67, which allows external mounting for use in all types of non-powered applications.

2. Ultra-long battery life
This is an essential component to an efficient, cost-cutting trailer tracking solution. Trailers cross borders and withstand months on the road; the tracking device on its underbelly should hold up for years. Rover TT can operate for up to 5000 daily GPS reports; seven years without a recharge. With its Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, the Rover TT unit is field replaceable, and prepped for multi-year asset deployments.

3. Motion-sensing capabilities
Your trailer tracking solution should do more than mark a spot on a map. Rover TT monitors movements with motion-sensing capabilities. Fleet owners can track cargo movements in their trailers, protecting valuable assets against theft and employee “side jobs”. Motion-sensing capabilities can also increase battery conversation, with the option to program the device accelerometer to wake from its power saving “sleep” upon detecting movement.

4. Remote monitoring
Fleet owners enjoy high ROI with their trailer tracking solution when setup and maintenance can be deployed over-the-air, cutting costs while protecting and tracking their cargo. Rover TT provides over-the-air trouble-shooting, automatic upgrades and GPS characteristic reconfiguring without the need for field de-installation.

5. 24-hour software assistance
Remote monitoring is only as efficient as the team that dispatches upgrades and health status reports. Choose a tracking company that provides software training, ongoing support, and technical assistance to your fleet administrators twenty-four hours a day. GPS Commander offers the 24-7 Support Help Desk for emergency assistance at no extra cost.

6. Affordability
Anticipate lower insurance premiums on your GPS-equipped trailers. Do not cancel out this cost-cutting benefit by subscribing to an expensive tracking solution. Rover TT provides the lowest cost of ownership in the trailer tracking industry, with fourteen-year life expectancy and a low initial capital cost. GPS Commander can outfit your trailers with tracking technology for just over fifty cents a day.

We measure company success at GPS Commander by providing our potential and existing clients with accurate, engaging information about GPS tracking solutions so that they can make the right choices for their needs. Now that you’re in control of your trailer tracking options, it’s time to make that next step.

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  • […] the gadget accelerometer to wake from its energy saving ‘sleep’ upon detecting motion.” – You Asked: “What Should I Look For in a Trailer Tracking GPS System?”, FQWireless; […]

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