GPS Commander Releases Explorer AT Asset Tracking

GPS Commander is pleased to announce the release of Explorer AT , a rugged asset tracking service that is reliable, affordable and easy to use. Explorer AT is well suited for protecting and managing valuable assets, including construction and job-site equipment, recreational equipment, cargo or any type of vehicles or machinery that can sit idle or unpowered for extended periods.

The service consists of a small, self-powered GPS tracking device that is designed for simple, weatherproof mounting on any asset, with fully integrated antennas, an internal battery and a motion detector. Explorer AT is available in two different hardware configurations to suit virtually any asset tracking requirement. One configuration has the ability to operate for up to six months without any external power or voltage source and the other configuration can operate for up to 5 years! Both configurations are housed in rugged, weatherproof IP67 enclosures.

The six month configuration of Explorer AT will operate from either its internal battery or an external power source, providing dual mode capability. This makes it suitable for tracking assets, packages and industrial equipment, including valuable cargo, construction equipment and recreational equipment. For example, Explorer AT could track construction equipment that remains idle for extended periods, then periodically becomes active. While in an idle state, Explorer AT’s motion detector maintains vigilance, reporting occasionally for location assurance, while drawing very little current. When the asset becomes active, either by moving or being powered up, Explorer AT reverts to a more active location reporting scheme. When power is re-established, such as when the construction equipment commences running, Explorer’s battery re-charges automatically. In addition, it can monitor external inputs and provide alert notifications.

The five year configuration is strictly designed to track assets that do not have any external voltage source whatsoever, making it ideal for safeguarding un-powered assets, such as Atco trailers, industrial equipment and valuable goods in remote locations. In these situations, Explorer AT reverts to an ultra-low current standby mode and can be programmed to report daily for role call purposes, as well as upon detection of motion. It’s battery is field replaceable, making this a very versatile, long-life product.

After purchasing Explorer AT tracking devices for a low one-time cost, customers can subscribe to an appropriate GPS Commander asset tracking plan. Three distinct plans are offered to suit most any situation. Click on the Pricing link to create an Instant Quotation.

As with all GPS Commander GPS tracking solutions, Explorer AT comes with a lifetime hardware warranty, 24×7 HelpDesk Support, and personal web-based training, with no long term contracts . GPS Commander is a leading provider of real time GPS tracking solutions.


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