Vehicle GPS Tracking: The Easy Way to Prevent Breakdowns

You know that if you were strict about giving each vehicle in your fleet periodic maintenance, you could save thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary repairs. Those unexpected breakdowns hit your business hard, not only in time and money spent fixing vehicles. Missed appointments inconvenience customers, and could cause a huge blow to your professional reputation. So why take the risk?

Fleet managers often brush preventive maintenance to the side because keeping track of the unique automotive needs of several vehicles at once is a seemingly messy task. It’s more paperwork, more hassle. It’s enough to make any busy fleet manager say, “We’ll deal with it later.” But later often happens on the side of the road, with a steaming engine and a helpless driver.

Indeed, studies show that around 80 percent of vehicles don’t receive the kind of maintenance that would prevent premature component failures, which are ultimately much more expensive than scheduled preventative maintenance (FleetBlogs). When it comes to vehicle breakdowns, most fleet companies are like sitting ducks, just waiting for disaster.

So here’s your opportunity to stand out from the flock and save yourself thousands of dollars the easy way, with Maintenance Reports and Alerts. These are just two of several features in the user-friendly web portal system, which comes with every vehicle GPS tracking subscription from GPS Commander.

Maintenance Reports and Alerts make it easy to manage a preventive maintenance schedule. Our state-of-the-art vehicle GPS tracking technology monitors your fleet’s upkeep needs, allowing you to reduce breakdowns and lower repair costs throughout the year.

Start with the odometer function on your GPS Commander vehicle-tracking device, which can trigger Alerts to remind you or your administrators when it’s time for maintenance. We offer a range of customizable alerts for on-screen, email, or text message notifications to suit your fleet management preferences.

Maintenance Reports show scheduled and/or completed vehicle maintenance activities on your GPS Commander web portal dashboard, accessible from any web browser.

Our system allows you to create alerts for scheduled maintenance reminders, so you never miss another tire check or battery inspection again. All the data you need to extend the life of your fleet and encourage a higher return is right there.

Printable, shareable, and accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, these reports offer fleet managers the opportunity to strategize preventive maintenance procedures and save even more money.

By monitoring maintenance costs and benchmarking against competing services, you ensure the best value for your vehicles’ upkeep. Without all the hard facts in front of you, determining cost savings across an entire fleet would be next to impossible. With fleet reports from GPS Commander, it’s never been easier to make the right steps to improving your bottom line.

Make the first right step today. Get an Instant Quote on a GPS tracking package for your fleet for the unbeatable savings of preventive maintenance and so much more!


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