How to Avoid Traffic Jams This Summer With Real-Time GPS Tracking

Summer is fast approaching, and you already feel the heat. The standard routes your fleet depends on daily are about to be bombarded by tourist traffic, just in time for your busiest season. Last year, hundreds of productive hours were lost while idling in the thick of it, crippling your bottom line with higher fuel expenditures and overtime costs. This year, it’s time to make a change.

Make traffic avoidance a priority this summer with real-time GPS tracking, and deliver a one-two punch to productivity and fuel efficiency. Commercial vehicle tracking solutions from GPS Commander have your bottom line in mind.

Consider this:

Traffic takes one hour of productivity each day from workers in America’s busiest cities (FleetBlogs), because more time in traffic means less time delivering goods or servicing customers. Road congestion increases the likelihood of accidents and increases vehicle fuel consumption, which adds extra damage to the environment and your budget. In their essence, traffic jams create networks of nightmares for fleet managers. It’s an issue that must be conquered at its core.

That’s where real-time GPS tracking comes in. The Ranger CT web portal system from GPS Commander is Google Maps integrated, with features that allow administrators to pinpoint traffic and route drivers around it in real-time.

Features for traffic avoidance:

  • Live Traffic Updates – offers estimated travel times based on current traffic conditions. Gives administrators detailed information for slow-moving areas, which makes it easy to reroute drivers before they get stuck.
  • Street View – provides global 360-degree street-level imagery. Helps administrators reroute drivers away from traffic accurately and efficiently.
  • Turn-by-turn directions – makes it easy for administrators to communicate rerouted directions to drivers on the road, which eliminates the need for drivers to stop and ask, or waste time routing the trip on their own.

With less time stuck in traffic, your fleet gains more productive hours on the road. And it’s easy to get started:

  • Self-install your GPS Commander tracking hardware in your fleet vehicles, or have us provide timely installation services at your door.
  • Access your user-friendly web portal system from any Internet browser. There is no software to download.
  • Customize map views, landmarks, language preferences, and more, to suit your specific administrative needs.
  • Start traffic tracking with total confidence, knowing our HelpDesk assistance is available to GPS Commander clients twenty-four hours a day.

Lower fuel expenditures. More service calls taken, and more deliveries made.

Can you feel it? With real-time tracking, your fleet is growing.

With all the money saved by less time in traffic, there’s more room to grow as a company. As your GPS Commander Instant Quote will reveal, real-time GPS tracking is an affordable strategy for fleets of all sizes. And with our Test Drive program, nothing can hold you back from experiencing it for yourself virtually risk-free!


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