Prevent Cargo Theft with GPS Tracking for Trailers

Nearly three companies fall victim to cargo theft every single day in America, contributing to a $35 billion loss annually, according to California Highway Patrol. It’s the costliest crime in the country, and incidents have risen dramatically since 2010 (NBC News Source).

The consequences of trailer theft

Whether on-site or on the road, your company trailers and the valuable assets contained within are at high risk for theft. A single assault can incur significant losses to your bottom line that go beyond replacement costs, including reduced operations productivity and higher insurance premiums across the board. Without preventative measures against theft, your trailers are sitting ducks. Expensive ducks at that.

What’s the solution?

GPS Commander is proud to offer an affordable and reliable preventative solution for protecting trailers and assets: Rover Trailer Tracking.

GPS tracking for trailers

Fully sealed and self-powered, Rover TT provides state-of-the-art GPS tracking for trailer and asset monitoring.

Its ultra-low current design allows for up to seven years of dependable GPS reporting without a battery recharge, so when you need to pinpoint the exact location of your tracked trailer, Rover TT is primed to deliver.

In hardware and battery design, Rover TT offers even more. The compact device enclosure stands up to harsh environmental conditions, meeting Military Specification Standards IP-67 for external mounting in a variety of non-powered applications.

Top features for trailer security:

-Field-replaceable Lithium Ion rechargeable battery for long-term deployment.

-Over-the-air troubleshooting, software updates, and service maintenance from our knowledgeable Support Team.

-Superior cellular and GPS performance, with a built-in motion sensor for ultimate tracking and alerting accuracy.

-Simple self-installation for minimal trailer or asset downtime.

A robust monitoring solution

Equipped with the complete web portal system from GPS Commander, Rover TT offers company managers and administrators user-friendly management of trailer and asset monitoring from any PC with an Internet connection. Its top trailer tracking web portal features include:

-Over thirty customizable alerts, such as notifications for when a trailer is detached, when a predefined boundary is crossed, or when motion is detected in and around the tracked asset.

Dynamic reports for tracked trailer data, including options for detailed histories of alert notifications and responses.

-An on-screen polygon tool for quick and easy geographic boundary assignment for your tracked trailers. This can signal alerts to administrators when specified assets enter or exit the boundary zones.

Low-cost, zero long-term commitment tracking for trailers

You can protect your trailers and assets today at low cost, with no contracts. GPS Commander offers competitive start-up fees and affordable monthly service subscriptions that can be canceled at any time.

Don’t become another cargo theft victim

Step up and save your company from the damaging consequences of cargo theft. Click here for an instant quote to discover Rover TT solution for your business!


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