A Quick Guide for Choosing a GPS Tracking Solution

At GPS Commander, we strive to make GPS tracking technology affordable, reliable, and simple. Let’s put some emphasis on simple.

So if your choices seem complicated or only vaguely connected to what you know about the benefits of tracking, take a look at our guide to identify what you want GPS tracking technology to help achieve for your business, and what solution you need to make it happen.

While every solution from GPS Commander is prepared to help you reduce costs and boost productivity, you want to ensure maximum savings with a solution that fits your business.

Ask yourself: “What are our company goals?”

1. “We want to lower fuel costs.”

You need a GPS commercial vehicle tracking solution with an alert system that monitors idling and speeding, and will send you instant notifications when your drivers engage in these gas-guzzling activities. This data pinpoints areas for cost reduction, and could significantly help lower your bottom line.

Choose Ranger CT, the real-time GPS vehicle tracking solution from GPS Commander that is fully equipped with our robust line of web portal features, including over thirty types of customizable alerts.

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2. “We want to know what our remote employees are actually doing during work hours.”

Assess employee performance, reduce operations costs by streamlining clock in/out procedures, and/or improve accountability with a personal tracking solution that monitors employees’ whereabouts from their Android or Blackberry devices.

Choose Scout PT, the simple and effective way to keep tabs on remote workers. Scout PT is equipped with the full suite of web portal features, including alerts, reports, and boundaries, so you can develop solutions for employee issues efficiently.

Download Scout PT over-the-air today!

3. “We want to schedule more jobs during the day.”

Your GPS tracking solution requires a web portal system with real-time and historical map view capabilities to show you exactly where your vehicles are on the road. This information lets you:

-Reroute vehicles away from heavy traffic

-Reassign jobs and provide updated road directions to drivers

-Assign jobs to drivers based on proximity to site

-Provide customers with real-time ETA’s

-Streamline vehicle availability and assignment processes

Choose Ranger CT for a vehicle tracking solution with the latest real-time and historical Google map views and the web portal tools you need to significantly boost productivity and customer satisfaction.

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4. “We want to lower the insurance premiums on our assets.”

GPS technology assures top-notch security for heavy-duty equipment and other valuable assets, which is why insurance companies are known to lower their premiums for businesses that equip their goods with tracking hardware.

Choose Explorer AT for affordable, high-performance asset tracking technology. With its superior power management, the Explorer AT operates for up to 18 months without a recharge. This is a dependable measure in asset security and cost reduction.


GPS tracking success starts with a strategy for achieving specific goals. From there, it’s simple. You’ll find that when you track with GPS Commander, you accomplish even more than you expected at the start.

Now that you know what solution is right for your business, click here for an instant quote and start tracking!


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