How to Cut Overtime Costs With GPS Tracking

Imagine how much more efficiently your fleet company would operate if you rode onboard with every driver for every job.

Now imagine the cost savings you’re missing out on right now. As trustworthy as your drivers may be, an additional measure in roadside accountability can dramatically cut overtime costs due to disorganized vehicle routing and even “minor” driver discrepancies, such as taking the long way home, or running personal errands between jobs.

But before you look into cloning procedures, consider GPS tracking for trucks and personnel. These affordable and reliable technologies put your monitoring authority in the passenger seat, granting you real-time access to tracked vehicle or driver whereabouts at all times. With the user-friendly web portal system from GPS Commander, you and your administrators can pinpoint areas for employee, routing, and scheduling improvements, and execute strategic steps to make a change.

To cut overtime costs with GPS tracking, start with state-of-the-art hardware that suits your company’s needs. Choose from:

Ranger CT– GPS tracking hardware for trucks and other commercial vehicles. This robust solution features a compact design and built-in antennae for easy self-installation, and its state-of-the-art design composition ensures high performance quality, even over extended periods of time.


Scout PT– Personal GPS tracking for Android and Blackberry devices. With a simple over-the-air download to your driver or remote worker’s smart phone, you can start real-time monitoring from the GPS Commander web portal system within minutes.

Click here to for a quick guide to choosing the best fit for your business.

With your new GPS technology installed, it’s time to put the data to work. Every GPS Commander solution comes with our dynamic web portal system and its full range of productivity-boosting features.

Cut overtime costs in real-time

We employ the latest worldwide Google Maps technology to deliver accurate real-time and historical views set to road map, satellite view, or hybrid viewing that displays both at the same time. These options make it easy to monitor every tracked vehicle or employee within a chosen geographic region. Cut overtime costs with:

-Real-time traffic views for re-routing drivers to avoid congested areas. This helps drivers avoid delays to appointments, and could free up time to add more jobs during the day.

Unlimited on-screen landmarks for customer sites, drivers’ homes, and other important locations gives administrators a clear picture of the most efficient routing for daily dispatches, based on the proximity of company vehicles to job sites in a certain region. Emergency dispatches or last-minute jobs are quickly executed with all resources in real-time view.

-Location-based monitoring of vehicle or employee time on-site. This provides a more accurate system for payroll and billing, and can help identify where and when overtime hours are spent.

Taking action to cut overtime costs also reduces fuel consumption and green house gas emissions. Learn more about fuel reduction strategies with GPS tracking technology here !

Receive instant notifications of driver activity

The web portal system includes over thirty customizable alerts for instant notification of situations such as when an employee or driver crosses a predefined geographic boundary.

You can choose from text message, email, or on-screen pop-up notifications to suit a five-level alert range. For instance, every time your tracked vehicle goes outside its predefined area, you could choose to receive an email alerting you to the infraction. For an emergency situation, such as a vehicular breakdown, you can customize an alert to be sent via text message.

Alerts keep you up-to-date on the activities on the road that affect your bottom line, including overtime costs.

Track and report time spent on-site

With the dynamic range of built-in GPS data reports, you have quick and shareable access to a storehouse of tracking details, including:

-A list of all user log in/log out times. This is a powerful addition to employee-kept time sheets.

-All trip details, including start times and locations, stop locations, and total distances.

-Summaries of trip distances, including on/off ignition indications.

These details reveal the solutions to help reduce your overtime costs, whether by making employee adjustments, or changing current dispatch and scheduling processes.

Cut overtime costs with real-time GPS tracking today!

Try the solution that functions as though you’re riding alongside every driver in your fleet. With GPS tracking for trucks or personnel, you’ll notice an immediate change in employee accountability.

All it takes is a GPS Commander Instant Quote for your GPS tracking solution to discover how affordable and easy it can be to make it happen! Click here to get yours!


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