Ranger CT Low Cost GPS To Support All Networks

GPS Commander is pleased to announce that the Ranger CT GPS device for Commercial Vehicle Tracking is now available in all 3 leading cellular network protocols. This means that North American customers wishing to track their vehicles can now choose the Ranger CT version that matches their preferred wireless carrier coverage footprint.

    Effective immediately, Ranger CT is available in the following formats:

  1. CDMA to support Verizon and Sprint in the US
  2. GPRS to support AT&T and T-Mobile in the US and Rogers in Canada
  3. HSPA to support Telus, Bell and other regional Canadian carriers.

All 3 versions of Ranger CT operate essentially the same, providing reliable, cost effective GPS tracking with guaranteed position delivery. Therefore, rather than having to choose a technology, GPS Commander customers can simply choose the Ranger CT version that best meets their needs from a coverage and price standpoint.

Guaranteed delivery means that each time a Ranger CT device sends vehicle position information, it receives confirmation from the GPS Commander tracking portal that the information was correctly received. If a vehicle ever travels out of cellular coverage, Ranger CT stores the vehicle’s movement information, then automatically updates the server when back in coverage. This means that historical trip details, reports and breadcrumb trails will always show a complete picture of each vehicle’s activities.

Ranger CT provides unparalleled value for all types of fleet and lease tracking situations, with ultra-low purchase pricing, no contracts and lifetime warranty.* For more information about Ranger CT, please visit the Features page.

GPS Commander makes GPS tracking products that are reliable, affordable and easy to use.

*Some conditions apply -see FAQ -Devices for detailed information on lifetime warranty.

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