ABC Transportation

After four generations of commitment to the taxi industry in Michigan, ABC Transportation is the provider of choice for the people of Livonia and its eight surrounding cities.  You are riding with the Waite family, the go-­to company for reliable, safe and reputable service.   In the transportation industry, family values translate to better rides and ABC Transportation is always there when you need them!

“I wouldn’t say we don’t have competition,” says ABC Transportation president Bob Waite with a soft laugh. “Really, how we got started is because of how we stood out by offering upgraded vehicles and higher standards for the drivers and their training. We stress being on time and getting our customers home safely. That’s how we grew.”

 Its all in the family

 Waite got started with ABC Transportation in 2001, after selling his father’s’ Checker Cab company in Detroit in 1999. His father before him had started up with Checker in the 1930’s, and in recent years Waite’s son Kelly has joined the family business. “My son has taken over a lot of the everyday stuff that I was doing up until a couple of years ago,” says Waite.
ABC Transportation provides a range of transportation services including non-­emergency medical transport, luxury town cars and sedans, as well as taxi cab services.
Around 2007, Waite brought in Future Quest Wireless to provide digital dispatch and GPS tracking for his wide range of scheduling and dispatch requirements. The tablet technology offered by Future Quest made it cost effective for Waite to strengthen his services with the conveniences of digital.
“With a lot of those software companies out there, you have to buy the MDT, which could cost a thousand dollars apiece,” says Waite.
“With Future Quest, we can manage everything with tablets, which are a fraction of the cost, so this makes it very viable for us.”
Training his new and growing dispatch staff was also made much simpler with the help of Future Quest Wireless.
“It’s a very user­-friendly software,” Waite says.
“All of our employees, even when we hire new people, find it easy to grasp.” Minimizing staff training time expedites productivity; it’s technology that doesn’t stand in the way of advancing business.
The southeastern region of Michigan serviced by ABC Transportation has allowed the company enough reach to facilitate exponential growth over the past fourteen years. As Waite recollects:
“I think we started with seven or eight cars and we now have fifty­-five. Back in the old days, there were three dispatchers and that was it. We have eight dispatchers now.”

 The fierce road ahead…

 As Waite sees it, the future for ABC Transportation looks bright, so long as they face the challenges Uber presents head­-on.
“Fight fire with fire,” says Waite.
“We need to get the app business going and that will happen with the NexTaxi Network; we’re completing the installation of that right now and are looking to launch it in our retail environment here.”
With Uber in the ABC Transportation landscape, they are eating up night­time jobs and compelling Waite and his team to look more closely at how they can differentiate.
“We do reservations, (trip scheduling) and that’s a very big thing,” says Waite.
“I don’t know if Uber does that or if they’re good at it. We also offer the option to pay cash, and we get a lot of customers that don’t want to user credit cards or don’t have credit cards. With the Taxi Commander Passenger App, our customers will have the option to pay In-App or cash to the driver directly and they can decide that on any given ride. In addition, the app is a member of the NexTaxi Network, which means the customer can use it throughout North America.”
With Taxi Commander, ABC Transportation can get a leg up on Uber by offering their customers a streamlined online booking app made easily accessible through their Apple or Android smartphones. The convenience consumers have come to expect from Uber will be further complemented by the high standards of safety, driver licensing and vehicular integrity customers expect from ABC Transportation. For solid transportation companies like ABC Transportation, passenger app integration is a win­-win.
It’s one more way ABC Transportation shows its commitment to dependable service; they’re always there when you need them.