Analytics for Efficient Fleet Management

Having access to analytics can arm companies in making informed decisions for fleet management.

The world of fleet vehicles has been changing. These vehicles are more than a means of transporting goods from point A to B.  They carry machines that gather lots of useful information. Measuring what you manage sets a business up for success. The analytics that you can gather can help fleet supervisors and business owners make more educated decisions to support profitability and manage risk.

Value of analytics for efficient fleet management

Fleet managers and dispatchers must contend with the real-time pressures and responsibilities that flow downstream in today’s competitive, fast-changing marketplace. Simultaneously charged with reducing operating expenses and maintaining high customer service levels, analytics plays an expanding role. To maximize results, fleet managers need to understand how corporate objectives translate at the fleet level into operational strategies:

You have experience in the fleet industry. You have good judgement. But if you’re still relying on guesswork to guide the most important aspects of your business, you’re missing out.

The pressures and responsibilities of today’s competitive marketplace have made it more urgent than ever to stay on top of core efficiency standards.

Enter analytics.

For fleet managers, analytical data is a powerful tool to have in their arsenal of operational improvement tactics.
Real-time data from your fleet management solution can tell you a lot about your business, and can translate into operational reform strategies that further your corporate objectives.
From driver behaviour to vehicle maintenance, hours of service schedules and efficiency, the numbers tell the true story of where you are excelling, and where you need to improve.
Some areas for consideration:
  • driver safety considerations
  • environmental sustainability objectives
  • vehicle safety and preventative maintenance considerations
  • targeted customer service levels
  • legal and regulatory considerations
  • operational cost objectives

If you don’t have right technology to get the data you need you there are many sound options through GPS Commander that can work for your fleet.

Fleet Analytics and impact opportunities

Fleet managers and owners can leverage data to get insights into vehicle usage, driver behaviour and fleet productivity schedules. When armed with driver behavioural information companies can put safety training programs in place to avoid risk. Cost efficiency can be applied by using data into how the vehicle is used. Fleet productivity schedule and maintenance data can help optimize the policies and procedures to increase profitability margins.

More specifically areas in which fleet managers can make a huge impact and unlock hidden savings are through:

  • Measuring and improving driving behaviour to reduce operating costs
  • Improvements in productivity through rightsizing vehicle fleets
  • Enhancing customer service by improving on-time performance and fleet mix
  • Reductions in accident rates through safety programs

What to do with your fleet analytics?

Now that you have your fleet analytics and have it analyzed what are your goals and how can you reach them?

Combining your analytics into the fleet policy and then monitoring for results is key. Getting your staff and management team buy-in is important in ensuring your company is involved in the process of analytics reviews. Focus on areas with the greatest opportunity and push for incremental change that bring profitable results.

It’s only the beginning. Data intelligence will continue to evolve the fleet industry for years to come. Advanced analytics will continue to enable fleet managers to discover trends, correlations, at-risk drivers and more actionable insights. It will be the wave of the future for the fleet industry.

To learn more about how to get the right equipment into your fleet to track the data you need, please contact GPS Commander.


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