How To Unlock Hidden Savings In Your Invoicing Process With GPS Fleet Tracking

As far as you know, your fleet business’ invoicing process works just fine.

Until a customer calls to complain about over-billing.

Then it’s back to the paper files to leaf through driver logs, date entries and customer histories to determine whether an error in your administration truly exists. And then the phone call with the now dissatisfied customer. And then the bargaining, or the sheepish apology.

And then the look back on all the time spent inefficiently, spent on company time for a project that has passed. OK, maybe your invoicing process isn’t perfect.

Consider the potential time and cost savings of that scenario if you had GPS fleet tracking software in place.

GPS Fleet Tracking For Huge Savings On Invoicing

With GPS fleet tracking software, you have access to reports on your tracked vehicles that show data for location visits and times spent on premises. You can pinpoint hours spent for exact dates and times within seconds.

Before the customer even has reason to call and complain, you have already improved your invoicing process by eliminating the manual record keeping procedures that are vulnerable to errors and comparatively inefficient for your administrators. The time spent calculating invoices plunges dramatically.

And the procedure is paperless, and therefore even more cost efficient. With your driver data stored in the cloud on the easy to use GPS Commander web portal, invoices can be calculated, generated and emailed without involving a single piece of paper.

Streamlining Your Invoicing Process

Making with most of GPS fleet tracking software for your invoicing processes requires planning. LinkedIn contributor Paul J. Teunissen recommends a series of steps for increasing invoicing accuracy which you can then apply to your fleet tracking software in order to determine cost savings over a short period of time:

Understand your Data

With GPS fleet tracking, your web portal gives you access to Trip Detail and Mileage report generation, which lets you quickly comprehend the starts and stops (and where those starts and stops are located) and distances covered of each tracked vehicle. There is minimal learning curve to the GPS Commander fleet tracking system; within a few clicks, you have the data you need to make important changes in your invoicing processes.

Map Your End-To-End Process

Involve your more tech savvy administrators in the early phases of rolling out GPS fleet tracking to gain their input on the end-to-end in-house process of utilizing the software for invoicing procedure.

Engage Your Workforce

It is integral to expose your staff to the reasons you have chosen to integrate GPS fleet tracking into your daily operations. Explain where you are setting goals for improvement and set expectations for gains in productivity and money saved.

Identify The Root Causes

Harness the reporting tools in your GPS Commander fleet tracking solution to provide hard data to your drivers and administrators of the areas where cooperation falls short, and invoicing errors often occur.

Implement Improvements

You will require action on the part of your drivers and administrators in order to see positive change. GPS fleet tracking assists with monitoring driver behavior to ensure your direction is being adhered to.

Control Improvement Efficiency

With GPS fleet tracking, the gains you plan to make are essentially mappable with the help of geofencing, alerts , and trip history reports . You can plan for more efficient routing and fewer errors in invoicing by first understanding where those errors come from.

The power to unlock hidden savings in your invoicing process is within your control with GPS fleet tracking. What are you waiting for? Get an instant quote on the GPS Commander Ranger CT fleet tracking solution today.


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