How To Use GPS Truck Tracking To Get More Value For Your Fleet Brand

Amid the challenges of running a cost efficient fleet business in a competitive landscape remains the nagging concern of keeping your company top of mind for customers. Wouldn’t it be nice if your fleet company’s strong, positive and differentiating brand presence could be taken care of by itself?

With the right tools, it just about could.

Organizations with vehicle fleets have a distinct advantage in the business branding game. Your main operational assets -­ your vehicles -­ can be your greatest marketing tool. GPS truck tracking with GPS Commander delivers a rich suite of reports , accessible from its cloud-­based web portal to ensure your drivers are on their best behaviour on the road, where prospective customers come in direct contact with your company. Reports for speed, alerts and trip detail provide essential data for you to take control of your brand via representation of your vehicles in the public eye.

Fixing the behavior costing your brand

Vehicle wrapping, decals and graphics put your fleet on high visibility on the road. You’re essentially working with moving billboards. When the person in a recognizable vehicle acts erratically by speeding, other drivers on the road take note.

Speed reports assist with tracking drivers who trigger pre-­set Alerts for speeding by compiling the alert data in an easy to read report format, which can then be downloaded and printed or emailed as Word, PDF or Excel files.

Trip detail reports answer those seemingly unknowable questions about a driver’s whereabouts during the work day. Notification of side trips and unplanned stops can be triggered by pre-­set Alerts for crossing geographic boundaries so you can get a handle on the questionable whereabouts of your drivers. If your drivers are parking for extended periods of time in unsavoury neighbourhoods without work-­related purpose, or taking longer lunches in undesignated break areas, you will want to know.

With the hard data available to you as proof of poor driver behaviour, you can manage your fleet’s representation efficiently.

You can’t personally supervise every driver in your fleet during work hours to ensure they are upholding your brand name; GPS truck tracking can.

Rewarding the behavior improving your brand

Take advantage of the brand-­boosting power your fleet has the potential to gain while carrying out operational tasks; encourage your drivers to take ownership of their actions by offering incentives for representing your company safely and with courtesy and efficiency. With GPS truck tracking, you can quickly pull in the information you need to get a snapshot of your driver behavior landscape and how it could be impacting your fleet brand. Mileage and Alert Reports for ignition on/off and idling assist in building a case around a top notch employee.

There are lots of low cost ways to reward your employees for working hard to maintain a positive brand presence while they are on the job. Simply recognizing the skills and dedication of your people is key.

Harness the benefits of Trip Summary Reports for your GPS tracked trucks to get a sense of how your drivers route their tasks to ensure better efficiency for your bottom line, and a greater chance of success for the driver. Part of building that brand experience for your customers is about showing up on time and getting the work done right. With GPS truck tracking, you can optimize routes for your drivers and demonstrate the advantages of superior brand representation on the road.

Your people, your brand: optimize with GPS truck tracking

As a truck fleet manager, your brand is on the move. Behind the wheel are your employees, who, as Bloomberg contributor Michelle Nicholls says, “are like a fulcrum -­ they can have tremendous effect on on sales and profitability, both positive and negative.” With GPS truck tracking, you can get more value from your fleet brand by ensuring your vehicles are being best represented by excellent drivers, while improving driver efficiency along the way.

The advantage of having ‘driving billboards’ is already yours -­ why not take the gains you stand to make?


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