GPS Commander Adds Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling

Effective immediately, the GPS Commander GPS vehicle tracking portal has been upgraded with comprehensive vehicle maintenance scheduling, reporting and alerts capabilities.

Fleet Managers may quickly build and configure detailed preventative maintenance schedules for each type of vehicle in their fleet. Each maintenance routine can be established with automated alerts based on any combination of time or mileage. For example, service vans could be set up with prescribed oil change schedules every 10,000 miles, while brake inspections could be established every 6 months or 30,000 miles or whichever occurs first. An unlimited number of maintenance schedules can be set up as appropriate for each vehicle type.

Ranger CT commercial GPS tracking devices provided by GPS Commander keep accurate track of the vehicle odometer readings and the distance travelled by each vehicle. Automated alerts will then be generated by the system in advance of upcoming prescribed maintenance routines. The GPS Commander tracking portal provides a simple, fast means for maintenance personnel to input completed maintenance records, including the ability to actually import scanned maintenance records and receipts into its database.

In addition to generating maintenance related alerts, the system can also alert Fleet Supervisors of impending vehicle and driver license, inspection and insurance expiry dates, as well as idling, speeding and boundary infractions.

A selection of maintenance reports can then be produced, printed or exported summarizing maintenance schedules, maintenance history, driver/vehicle assignment, etc.

GPS Commander is a leading provider of real time GPS tracking solutions. We make GPS tracking simple, reliable and affordable with lifetime hardware warranty, no contract requirements and 24-7 Live HelpDesk Support. Please call us at 1-888-769-4209, ext 120 to arrange for a demonstration.


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