Rover TT Affordable GPS Trailer Tracking Announced

GPS Commander is pleased to announce Rover TT, a state-of-the-art GPS trailer tracking service that is reliable, affordable and easy to use.

The service consists of a small, self-contained GPS tracking device that is designed for simple, weatherproof mounting on a trailer, with fully integrated antennas, an internal re-chargeable battery and a motion detector. Rover TT has the ability to operate for up to six months without any external power, such as when a trailer is untethered from its tractor unit. Then, when re-tethered, it operates off the tractor unit’s power, while re-charging its own integrated battery.

Using a combination of its motion detector and input monitoring capability, Rover TT automatically reports its GPS location and an alert anytime the trailer is connected or disconnected from a tractor. In addition, it can report other events such as trailer door open, boundary alerts, etc.

After purchasing Rover TT trailer tracking devices for a low one-time cost, customers can subscribe to an appropriate GPS Commander trailer tracking plan. Three distinct plans are offered to suit most any situation. Click on the Pricing link to create an Instant Quotation.

GPS Commander is a leading provider of real time GPS tracking solutions, As with all GPS Commander GPS tracking solutions, Rover TT comes with a lifetime hardware warranty, 24-7 Live HelpDesk support and personal web-based training, with no long term contract requirements.


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