Track Prospects & Boost Sales with Social CRM for Field Service

A massive, thriving landscape of potential customers awaits you online. Your social prospects ask questions on Twitter, “Like” pages on Facebook, and chat with other professionals on LinkedIn. Social media is a hotbed of opportunity for field service companies to discover potential clients and build existing relationships, but you need the right tools to make it happen. Enter Social CRM.

Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems provide field service companies with a “360-degree” view of customers and prospects. Rich customer/prospect data equips every player on your field service team with the information they need to:

-Boost up sell/ cross sell opportunities on site.

-Quickly resolve customer conflicts and complaints.

-Improve customer satisfaction and perception of your brand.

-Track field service customer opportunities and sales progress.

With enterprise-wide access to social data, your field service employees can provide customers and prospects with a personalized experience every time, from every touch point. This is technology that helps build relationships.

Look for a CRM solution with social functions built in, so you can anticipate customers’ needs by engaging with and monitoring their social profiles, and add these insights to your customer database at the same time.

A social CRM should provide:

Viewable access to all of your contact’s social profiles, which gives you a rich understanding of their interests and needs. You can also use this efficient resource to discover prospects and learn more about what appeals to them. Social CRM puts all of this data together in one place.

Organization and alerts for real-time social conversations directed at your business. From Twitter responses to complaints on Facebook walls, customer service lives on social media. Your social CRM system must ensure that no customer goes unheard.

Of course, no field service CRM system would be complete without:

-Seamless integration with other management systems such as GPS tracking technology. Your GPS tracking data can be reported in real-time to your Social CRM solution for even more efficient customer service delivery.

-Templates for proposals and prospect/customer data reports. Use your field service GPS tracking data, social insights, and customer feedback to understand your customers from a “360 degree” view.

-Mobile adaptability. E-Commerce Times contributor Christopher Bucholtz insists that “given time, the term ‘mobile CRM’ will go away- it will be a given that any CRM application worth its salt will have a comprehensive mobile component to it.” Mobile CRM and GPS tracking technology put customer care, sales, and service in the hands of techs, greatly improving productivity and revenue opportunities. Mobile is our “inescapable reality.” Prepare for it with a mobile-adaptable CRM system.


Isn’t it time you connected with your prospective customers on their turf? Social media is the most popular and time-consuming activity Internet activity worldwide, with over 250 million tweets and 800 million Facebook status updates produced every day. There are explosive productivity, revenue, and service quality opportunities waiting for you on social media platforms.

Don’t wait for your competitors to reach your prospects first. Leverage the power of Social CRM with integrated GPS tracking technology today!


Bucholtz, Christopher. “3 Reasons Why The Mobile CRM Renaissance Is Here.” 6 February 2011.


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