3 Must-Have Tech Solutions For Your Restoration Business

Restoration business managers know that in the field service industry, their workflow processes are unique. However, with the rapid proliferation of affordable mobile devices and integrated software products bursting on to the market today, there are productivity optimization solutions for even the most diverse workflow needs.

Check out our top 3 must-have tech solutions for your restoration business. These innovative technologies can adapt to improve your billing/work order processes, emergency dispatch response times, and overall use of field resources.

Discover the best tools for improved productivity and higher revenue- now that’s something we all want on our team!

1. Integrated software

A key component of any new field service software is the ability to integrate other essential management systems, such as scheduling and bookkeeping applications.

By linking field activity to the back office, restoration service operators reduce work order errors and eliminate the need to maintain paper based field time sheets. With accurate claim records, you increase cash flow and productivity. No more manual data entry or time wasted correcting mistakes.

Other benefits of integrated field service software include:

Real-time snapshots of available resources, customer portal information, and vehicle location, which allows administrators to respond to requests much faster. With a mobile workforce on the road, emergency dispatch has never been so efficient.

Fluid data access that provides everyone on the team with real-time worksite status updates. This improves communication from the back end to the field, and eliminates inefficient dispatches.

2. Mobile devices

Today, restoration managers can equip their techs with mobile devices at low cost and extreme benefit to workflow management and customer service quality.

Smart phones and tablet devices give restoration techs real-time access to company data that otherwise would require an extra trip to the office. Mobile devices can provide restoration businesses with:

Mobile payment solutions for transactions in the field. This shortens billing periods and improves cash flow. With mobile payments, you can empower techs to cross/up sell services while on site. Discover our tech sales tips here.

Seamless integration with field service software and truck tracking technology. Techs can view job status updates, customer data for re-routed and emergency appointments, and traffic information on the road. This greatly improves productivity and maximizes labor costs.

Truck tracking with mobile devices lets administrators issue work orders automatically to the appropriate field worker, through a combination of their geographic location, skill qualifications and vehicle type. On-site efficiency goes up, and wasted labor costs go down.

3. GPS-enabled truck tracking

Tracking your restoration vehicles on the road enables you to utilize a ‘pull’ strategy in dispatching, rather than the old ‘push’ method, wherein techs receive a stack of assignments in office before they hit the road. In a ‘pull’ scenario, “the closest, best available tech for the job is called and re-routed to the site,” which “improves technician utilization rates” (Stewart, TheSmartVan.com).

Other benefits of GPS truck tracking for restoration businesses include:

GPS tracking data integration in real time with your field service software. This helps automate the flow of information between the field workforce and your administrators, improving productivity and customer service.

Detailed historic reports of tracking activity, which can be shared in multiple web-based and printable formats. With these reports, restoration managers can analyze a range of tracked activity, including driver productivity, truck maintenance, and employee accountability in speeding and boundary infractions.

Optimal truck and equipment security. 24/7 tracking protects your company assets and often results in lower insurance premiums.

You Tell Us!

Do you plan to track your restoration vehicles and go mobile in the near future? What devices are you considering? Mobile-equipped companies, weigh in with your advice!


Stewart, Ian. “Why 5 Percent Is the Difference Between Good and Great in Field Service.” 22 June 2012. TheSmartVan.com


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