Tracking Fleet Safety: 3 Essential Strategies for Winter Driving

For fleet and field service operations such as snow removal, package delivery, HVAC and taxi dispatch, business switches into high gear during the winter season. Busy drivers take on overtime hours and tighter appointment schedules to keep up with increased sales, while administrators hone operational productivity and customer service.

But who’s focused on driver safety? In regions where the winter brings icy roads, cold winds, and snowy shoulders, the whole team must advocate for and uphold specific accident prevention strategies during this chaotic time.

Lead your team in a planned effort to reduce road accidents this winter. With these essential strategies, your fleet or field service operation has the tools to stay safe and maximize holiday revenue. Everyone wins.

Curb cruise control

Cruise control relies heavily on tire resistance to the road. On slippery surfaces, this resistance is compromised. Trucks on cruise control in icy or wet conditions can go into a skid and cause accidents. While it’s a handy tool for reducing speed and fuel efficiency during the rest of the year, cruise control should be avoided during winter months.

Encourage your fleet drivers to avoid cruise control. Explain your reasoning, and hold them accountable for their actions on the road. A GPS truck tracking solution can provide an alert system to inform fleet managers when drivers turn on cruise control. This gives fleet managers the control to stop unsafe driving behavior in its tracks, and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Monitor truck maintenance

Use a GPS truck tracking solution to schedule and monitor each vehicle’s maintenance activities. Shareable vehicle data reports provide an organized maintenance overview of every truck in your fleet. You can quickly assess the needs of individual trucks to ensure that your team is prepared to meet the demands of winter conditions.

Simple service upkeep makes a huge difference during this season; from window wiper blades to tire pressure, it’s the small changes that prevent accidents. Enlist GPS tracking software to receive alerts when vehicle maintenance is due.

Prepare an emergency plan

Despite our best prevention measures, such as minimizing poor driving habits and monitoring vehicle maintenance, accidents do happen. Have an emergency plan ready for those unexpected times.

Enlist GPS truck tracking for a dependable, sophisticated emergency plan. With a GPS truck tracking solution, you can:

-Quickly pinpoint driver location and summon help, even in the most torrential weather conditions.

-Provide faster, more intelligent emergency response times, which prevents fatalities and damage to vehicles.

-Empower drivers with the knowledge that their road safety is monitored 24/7.


Bring your field service or fleet organization on board with driver safety strategies this winter season. A truck tracking solution with alert and report functions ensures that the whole team understands the impact preventable accidents have on your bottom line. Equip them with the knowledge they need to make the right choices on the road.

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