3 GPS Truck Tracking Features That Protect Fleets From Theft

Fleet theft is costly, time-consuming, and extremely frustrating-unless you track your trucks with GPS Commander. Our GPS truck tracking solutions add a layer of security to fleet operations for fast recovery of stolen vehicles, and overall reduction of theft. Here are the 3 key features of Ranger CT, the commercial vehicle tracking solution that has changed the way our customers protect their fleets:

1. Customizable Alerts

With a GPS truck tracking solution from GPS Commander, you can harness the power of customizable alerts to protect your fleet from theft. Alerts can be set up to notify administrators when vehicles enter or exit predetermined boundaries, activate ignition, or go over speed limits. Click here to learn more about the range of customizable alerts from GPS Commander.

Our robust web portal allows administrators and fleet managers to customize alerts even further, with notification options to suit their needs. There are five pre-determined alert levels to help you quickly assess every situation as it arises, with options for on-screen, email, and text messaging notification.

For instance, if alerts for boundary infractions are activated by text message on your smart phone, you can act fast to ensure the vehicle’s security has not been compromised. Customizable alerts can put theft protection control in your pocket.

2. Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking ensures fast retrieval of a GPS-equipped stolen fleet vehicle by pinpointing its exact location from a worldwide Google map view.

In a theft situation, “you want to find the vehicle and find it quick,” says Brian Salata, executive director of the AATA (Arizona Automobile Theft Authority), in an Automotive Fleet article about fleet vehicle protection. “With one vehicle down, you’ve lost money,” he says. Efficient vehicle recovery is key. With a vehicle on the loose, the ticking clock spells dollar signs.

With real-time tracking, you can assist police officials retrieve stolen vehicles, and minimize the impact to your bottom line.

3. Low Power Consumption

Whether your fleet vehicles sit in the parking lot for extended periods of time, or hit the road every day, your Ranger CT devices just keep on tracking. When a Ranger CT tracked truck stops moving, the tracking device automatically reduces standby power consumption to conserve long-lasting battery life.

In the event of a GPS-equipped fleet vehicle theft, battery life on its tracking device should be the last of your worries. With Ranger CT, you can focus on retrieving the vehicle, and getting it back to work.


Nothing comes as close to eliminating fleet vehicle theft as GPS truck tracking. With an affordable, reliable GPS truck tracking solution from GPS Commander, you control fleet productivity and peace of mind.

The benefits go beyond the bottom line. Click here for your Ranger CT instant quote!


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