Installing a GPS Tracking System: How Easy Is It?

Short answer: really easy.

Take it from a GPS Commander customer who knows. In just over a week after discovering GPS Commander online, Elmo Carter of Carter Construction in Cedartown, GA, had his fleet of twelve commercial vehicles outfitted with state-of-the-art GPS tracking devices. No muss, no fuss:

“[GPS Commander] organized the installation, so it was really easy,” says Elmo. “They did a great job, with no problems at all.”

All Elmo had to do was choose his ideal tracking package through our online instant quoting system, which simplified comparing prices and completing an order. Elmo went for twelve Ranger CT Commercial Tracking units, backed by our dynamic web portal system with best-in-class worldwide Google maps and a robust suite of tracking features. Three days after he submitted his order online, the Ranger CT units were at his door.

Along the way, the GPS Commander Support Desk liaised with a reputable installation crew to hardwire the devices into Elmo’s fleet vehicles on-site. After receiving confirmation from the GPS Commander 24/7 Help Desk, the crew got to work. They installed all twelve units before two o’clock in the afternoon on the day they arrived. No significant vehicle downtime. No problems at all.

Had Elmo chosen to self-install his Ranger CT units, GPS Commander would have ensured an equally stress-free experience. Our devices are compact in size, and most have integrated antenna, which allows for easy installation on virtually any commercial vehicle, asset, or trailer. For extra guidance, we include installation manuals and 24/7 Help Desk assistance with every GPS Commander tracking solution order.

Reliable, affordable GPS tracking technology with options to suit your needs: whether you choose to install the compact devices yourself, or have us arrange for a professional installation team to accommodate virtually any location in North America, the process is simple and stress-free.

And for personal GPS tracking, it gets even easier. Our Scout PT smart phone tracking systems are activated over the air by a single app download. Your account will be live within 24 hours of ordering the system online. You can start tracking your employees today.

So what are you waiting for? With GPS Commander, the choice is simple:

-The lifetime warranty on all GPS Commander hardware reinforces our commitment to ensuring your tracking technology meets the highest performance standards.

Low hardware pricing, no contracts, and no setup fees provide a low-risk, high ROI solution for improving fleet productivity and boosting the bottom line.

24/7 Live Support at the GPS Commander Help Desk is included at no extra charge for customers using our live tracking systems. When you have need immediate support, we’re an email or telephone call away.

These are just some of the added benefits of tracking your commercial vehicles, assets, trailers, and personnel with GPS Commander. Click here for more!

Don’t waste another minute wondering “what if”: get an instant quote for the GPS tracking solution you need right here!


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