GPS Tracking with Customizable Landmarks: A Truckload of Savings!

“I’m tracking my truck fleet with GPS technology,” you say confidently to colleagues and friends when they ask about your business. The remarkably low start-up costs and lifetime hardware guarantee of your GPS Commander tracking solution gave you the assurance to make the leap. And now, you are ready to reap the benefits.

But are you truck tracking to its highest potential? With your GPS Commander solution, tracking your fleet is just the first step. To make the most of your truck tracking system, harness the power of your fully equipped web-based portal, which comes with every GPS Commander system. It provides alert options, landmarks, and a dynamic geo-fence boundary tool, for result-based fleet tracking.

This month, we’ll showcase each powerful feature in its own GPS Commander blog post, to get our customers on the fast track to cost savings and improved fleet productivity.

Today, we’re talking about customizable landmarks. These add context to your real-time or historical Google maps view of your fleet’s activity from the GPS Commander web portal. You can add an unlimited number of landmarks to designate locations and vehicles, making it easy to gauge proximity to customer’s homes, jobsites, established boundaries, or whichever locations suit your unique fleet needs. This is a highly flexible feature that works for you.

And customizable landmarks work in dynamic synthesis with other GPS Commander web portal features, giving you a thoroughly data-driven understanding of your fleet’s activities on the road.

Landmarks are identifiable in all live and historical GPS tracking views and reports. With these reports, you can implement change for:

-Route planning
-Cost allocation
-Improved driver behavior
-Higher quality customer service

Landmarks implement change through the power of analysis. With your customized visual guide, it’s easy to see where there’s room for change in your fleet company.

Best of all, landmarks save you time. No more fussing around to determine whether a truck is on track for making a delivery on time. No more loose estimations of how long it takes your trucks to get from Point A to Point B. It’s all there on your web portal, illuminated by custom landmarks.

Don’t just track your trucks. Engage the data-driven tools available to you on your GPS Commander web portal, and watch the time and cost savings pour in. Take it from our friends at Fraser Valley Plumbing Ltd.

Truck tracking? Impressive! Saving time and cash with a bit of web portal savvy? Even better.

Get an instant quote here and make a change for your fleet company today!


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