GPS Commander Web Portal Best Practices: Customize Your Alerts

Tracking your fleet vehicles with GPS technology can significantly lower your operations costs, by helping you pinpoint areas of improvement on the road. Without live tracking, employee behavior factors-speeding, idling, crossing defined borders-cannot be accounted for (unless someone gets a speeding ticket).

Don’t let it get to that point. Take advantage of the custom alert feature in the GPS Commander web portal system, and be a savvy fleet tracker who knows what needs improvement on the road.

We recommend that our clients customize their alerts for optimal behavioral targeting. The GPS Commander web portal system comes fully equipped with over 30 types of alerts. These alerts instantly notify fleet managers and administrators to events such as:

-Crossing defined boundaries
-Ignition on/off switch
-PTO on/off

With an alert system, no speeding infractions go unnoticed. Drivers exiting defined boundaries can be contacted immediately.

Alerts make live tracking significantly more precise and effective, especially when fleet managers take advantage of our 5 predefined alert levels, customized to suit varying degrees of urgency.

These alerts can be customized to appear in several forms:

-On-screen pop-up message on your PC.
-Sound alert on your PC.
-An email or SMS message.
-Alert report printout.
-Viewed on play-by-play historic playback.
-Seen in real-time on the GPS tracking map.

You set the alert level to match the alert delivery. For instance, you might make an idling alert a Level 1 with an on-screen pop-up message, and a Driver Emergency a Level 5 with an SMS message. With the user-friendly GPS Commander web dashboard, you don’t have to be a tech genius to set alert preferences. You just need to know your tracking priorities.

Ultimately, fleet tracking should save you money by increasing productivity and reducing poor driver behavior. Without definable targets, tracking will not put extra cash in your fleet company’s pocket.

Your targets need not be complex. At the GPS Commander head office, we hear these target phrases often:

“I want to know how much time my drivers spend idling.”
“I want to ensure that my drivers are not going out of the boundaries of their delivery routes.”
“I want to provide emergency relief to my drivers as soon quickly as possible.”
“I want to be able to notify my drivers if they are speeding excessively, and hold them accountable for their actions.”

Your tracking goals are unique to your fleet business. Your tracking software should help you meet these goals as efficiently as possible. We recommend to all our clients that they create custom alerts to make their GPS tracking solution as productive as possible.

With custom alerts, effective fleet tracking has never been easier. Click here to see more alert options. We offer cost-cutting GPS tracking solutions from to suit your fleet. Discover yours today!


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