Pinpoint Fleet Productivity with GPS Commander Tracking Reports

“GPS is one of the most important systems that your company will ever implement,” says contributor Robert Donat, “You want plenty of diversity in the product you choose as a GPS tracking system. You want value, and maybe most importantly, you want [the company] to have an ‘A’ rating.”

GPS tracking system providers score that ‘A’ rating with state-of-the-art technology, complete with a range of user-friendly features that assure fleet owners high ROI. Features like alerts, boundaries, and historic tracking reports.

Here at the GPS Commander blog, we’ve published a post for each web portal feature, to help our customers make the most of their state-of-the-art GPS tracking system. This week we will focus on visualizing change in your fleet with dynamic historic reports. Pinpointing fleet productivity is easy. Start your report wish list here:

• Discover how much time your drivers actually spend on the road with the Trip Summary Report or Trip Detail Report.
• Assess speeding tendencies with the Speed Report.
• Gauge work performance with the Mileage Report, or our range of Alert Reports.
• Manage employee work hours, wages, and billing time with the Login Report, Device Assignment Report, and Trip Detail Report.
• Streamline your web portal features to assist Landmark designation, Boundaries, and Alerts, with the Landmark Status Report, and the rich capabilities of the Alerts Reports.

Next, choose how you would like to view and share your detailed historic reports. GPS Commander offers the convenience of flexible report formatting. Save your reports as PDF, Excel, or Word files, for easy distribution amongst employees. Check out how to use shareable reports for employee behavior incentive programs here.

Once you have configured a particular report to suit your requirements, you may subscribe to it, such that it will be automated, arriving in your supervisor(s) inbox at the interval you choose. (Daily, weekly or monthly) Simple!

Now you’re ready to visualize change in your fleet. With the evidence displayed for you in a customizable on-screen or printed report format, areas for improvement in driver behavior are easy to identify.

Ms. Leslie Cruz, General Manager of Rite Way Carpet Cleaning, calls the GPS Commander reports feature “one of the key benefits of the system.” She says, “knowing exactly how long a carpet cleaning technician spent on a particular site and the total machine time provides billing justification and proof that is invaluable to Rite-Way accounting staff.”

An invaluable GPS tracking system does more than pinpoint the location of your fleet vehicles. It pinpoints productivity, with a range of easy-to-use web portal features. Choose a system with dynamic analytic tools, and anticipate a higher ROI. With the low-cost start up advantage of GPS Commander, combined with its state-of-the-art technology, you’re prepared to make changes in fleet productivity immediately.

Change is good. Grab an instant quote here!

Donat, Robert. “Choose your GPS diet wisely.” 16 June 2012.


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