3 Cost-Cutting GPS Tracking Strategies That Impress Upper Management

Fleet managers know what to expect from upper management during that first meeting back after the holidays: more pressure to cut costs. It’s a new year with the same old challenge that often defines the most stressful aspect of fleet management. CEO’s want you to produce significant cost reductions while still upholding superior service quality, pronto. Are you prepared to deliver?

You could rework the same stale strategies that “sort of” satisfied your superiors before, and hope for the best. Who knows, maybe fuel prices will go down this year?

Or will they go up?

We can’t always predict the dips and turns in our competitive economic landscape. Why not impress upper management this year with a strategy based on hard data? No crystal balls here: just the facts that reveal where your fleet can save money. We’re talking about GPS tracking solutions that report:

– Fuel usage & prices

-Vehicle maintenance activities

-Accidents & collisions

-Vehicle routing & tracking

-Idling, speed & mileage

-Accidents & collisions

-Employee clock in/out times

-Vehicle journey details

This remarkably rich real time and historic data gives you the insights you need to conduct high-impact cost reduction initiatives, while making the most of your existing workforce and resources. GPS tracking solutions go on the road and in the office to ensure you have a complete picture of operations activity.

Best of all, GPS tracking technology is sophisticated, yet easy to use. GPS tracking software provides a dynamic range of solutions for:

-Cost reduction



-Employee safety

-Customer service

Your administrators will agree; with the GPS Commander web portal system, total operations control has never been so simple.

And you can count on approval from upper management, because you can offer them effective cost-reduction strategies based on the facts.

Imagine using these 3 data-driven strategies to dramatically cut costs, with the power of GPS tracking technology:

1. Promote company-wide transparency

View and share detailed tracking reports with your employees, in the format suited to your needs. Every GPS tracking solution from GPS Commander comes with easy-to-use reporting access built-in: printable and viewable in PDF, Word, or Excel format. You’ll be impressed by how easy it is to communicate budgets, operation costs, and reduction strategies to everyone on your team. Upper management will be impressed, too.

When every truck driver, administrator, maintenance worker, and stakeholder completely understands what effects the bottom line, productivity goes up. Efficiency skyrockets. Transparency translates into respect, and when employees feel respected, they feel motivated to create success.

2. Execute an administrative overhaul

As a fleet manager, it’s your responsibility to foster organization across all departments. So how’s administration looking? If appointments are overbooked, and techs are late on site, it’s time for a clean up.

The GPS Commander web portal system keeps workflow productivity tidy, improving routing, dispatch, and communication between the field and the office. GPS tracking technology lets administrators’ re-route field techs and drivers on the road, increasing fuel economy, and the number of jobs completed per day.

Upper management will notice rapid changes in operations productivity, such as:

-Fewer calls from disgruntled customers waiting on late service

-Less driver/tech downtime between jobs

-Lower monthly fuel expenditures per vehicle

-More accurate payroll and billing

3. Cut inventory, not employees

It’s easier and often less detrimental to fleet organizations to eliminate inventory than to fire employees. Your GPS tracking portal simplifies the process of pinpointing under-used vehicles and equipment, by monitoring and reporting maintenance activity. Selling this inventory reduces the bottom line immediately, without negative impact to employee morale or service quality.


This year, get real with upper management. Deliver the hard facts to make big cuts to fleet costs, and never settle for anything less than superior service quality. GPS tracking technology from GPS Commander is the affordable, reliable solution for your fleet to start saving money, today.

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