Cut Your Fuel Costs with GPS Commander’s SPRING Promotion!

The price of fuel is rising and it’s just going to get worse as we head into the summer travel season. But you can start preparing your fleet now!

Right now — you can purchase a state of the art GPS tracking device from GPS Commander with a lifetime warranty for the price of only 20 gallons of fuel. (GPRS Model with coverage on AT&T in the US and Rogers in Canada)

Imagine cutting your fuel consumption by reducing engine idling, speeding and becoming more efficient, saving you big bucks on gas and its rising prices in the coming months. Your savings alone will more than pay for the unit itself!

Installation and use of our system is SIMPLE.

See for yourself.

But hurry! It won’t be available long! Click here to create an Instant Quote for a GPS Commander real-time GPS tracking system with our Ranger CT commercial GPS device.


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