Go Green and Save Green With GPS Tracking For Fleet Management

Successful fleet companies know that less is more. The less you impact the environment, the less you spend on maintenance, fuel, and employee management. The lesson in reducing greenhouse gas emissions starts with GPS technology. With vehicle tracking solutions to help monitor mileage, fuel consumption, and routing strategy, going green will seem easier than ever. Less effort, more money saved. Here’s our advice for minimizing your fleet’s carbon footprint.

Create optimal routes for reduced fuel consumption

GPS tracking solutions allow you to monitor the routes your drivers are taking, and assess whether an alternative route could decrease mileage and fuel costs. GPS tracking provides accurate information that puts you in control of your environmental strategy.

Less is better with load weight, too

Enterprise Fleet Management Senior Vice President Steve Bloom suggests you lighten your fleet carrier’s loads. He says, “the more weight a vehicle carries, the lower the fuel economy will be.” Bloom also notes that the frequency and costs of repairs for tires, axle bearings, and brakes are often higher for vehicles that are regularly weighed down.

Make routine maintenance a real routine

Servicing vehicles on a regular basis should be a priority for any fleet manager looking to save cash and save the environment. It’s like keeping your garage organized: if you maintain upkeep every few days, the place will look great all the time. If you wait until you can’t find your wrench set under a minefield of clutter, the time taken to find it will cost you more than the routine upkeep would have. “Poorly maintained vehicles have higher toxic emissions and fuel consumption,” reports the Energy Saving Trust. Don’t waste your time or dollars on vehicle issues that could have easily been avoided.

Mindful employees make it happen

Installing GPS tracking technology in your fleet vehicles ensures that employees can be held accountable for routes taken to complete tasks. By monitoring individual fuel consumption and vehicle mileage, your GPS tracking devices can help detect fuel abuse and provide data for improving employee results. Furthermore, employees can feel confident that with GPS technology, assistance on the road can be summoned quickly. GPS Commander provides tracking devices equipped with Google satellite view, providing drivers with a connection to their company base, even in remote locations.


We can provide our customers with efficient, reliable fleet services, while minimizing our GHG emissions and company costs at the same time. Feel empowered to improve your environmental strategy with GPS tracking technology from GPS Commander. Check out our “How it Works” page to get started today. More green action, more green in your pocket!

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