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10 Ways To Keep Your Fleet Drivers Safe and Productive This Winter with GPS Tracking

There are many benefits provided by modern GPS tracking systems to fleet supervisors and owners. By equipping a fleet with GPS tracking devices this winter fleets can reap measurable benefits

10 ways to keep your fleet drivers safe and productive this winter with GPS Tracking

With winter road conditions just around the corner ensure your fleet drivers are prepared for the dangers of driving on these treacherous roads. Protect your drivers and your business against any potential accidents that could result in wasted time and financial mishaps.

Here’s how to keep your fleet safe and productive with managing driver behaviour with GPS Tracking:

  1. Monitor dangerous driver behavior by setting alerts for speeding, harsh braking, hard cornering and acceleration. 
  2. Encourage safe driving driving proactively by rewarding your best drivers based on their actual driving score
  3. Monitor seat belts, driver emergency and door alerts for optimized driver and passenger safety
  4. Gain faster, more intelligent response to emergencies with SOS panic button and other programmable panic alerts
  5. Reduce employee downtime by helping them avoid longer days and accidents
  6. Overcome traffic delays and road closures with efficient routing and dispatch
  7. Enhance your money management by accurately tracking time and expenses of your drivers
  8. Reduce voice communications by knowing driver location and status in real-time
  9. Set employee reminders to avoid missing any stops and increase number of completed jobs
  10. Reduce environmental footprint of your fleet

General winter driving precautions

  • Remove snow from all surfaces of your vehicle. Snow or ice covering lights or flying off your vehicle into traffic behind you is dangerous
  • Have your winter tires on and chain up in much needed areas
  • Keep your lights on at all times for increased visibility
  • Change lanes slowly and smoothly. The area between lanes can be covered in snow and ice and can cause drivers to lose traction
  • Carry your charged cell phone in case of an emergency
  • Bring food, water, and blankets with you for longer trips. You could be stuck for hours and these items will be helpful
  • Increase your following distance. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to winter braking distances, especially early in the winter before you’ve adjusted to the changing road conditions
  • Drive more carefully across bridge surfaces, they cool and ice faster than other road surfaces

For more commercial driving tips, check out this article from the DMV.

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