New Survey Reveals Productivity is Primary Concern for Truck Fleets

Most fortunetellers work from home, but with some tough convincing and a decent employee benefits package, you might be able to get one in a cubicle at your fleet’s headquarters, crystal ball and all. Imagine the possibilities!

Until that fine day, fleet managers need solutions to help them make the most of their available vehicle resources. Forty-four percent of U.S. truck fleet managers in a recent survey conducted by GE Capital Fleet Services agreed that maximizing productivity was their primary concern in managing their company’s truck fleet.

You can read the rest of the report here.

Lack of Data Creates Barriers

Specifically, twenty-nine percent of the respondents cited finding the right truck for the job “the single most important area of focus in maximizing fleet productivity.”

Tracking downtime and reducing total cost of ownership were also noted as key strategies in the effort.

Improvement on all three factors in daily fleet operations hinges on real-time vehicle and driver data that only GPS tracking technology can deliver.

The Right Truck for the Right Job

When it comes to effective vehicle dispatch, real-time truck tracking is much more reliable than a fortuneteller’s crystal ball.

Every GPS Commander truck tracking solution comes equipped with a web Dashboard, accessible from any Internet browser.

From the Dashboard, administrators have quick access to the data they need to dispatch the right vehicles to the right job sites. They can:

  • Segment fleets to match specific geographic or divisional preferences.
  • Add an unlimited number of custom vehicle icons, devices, and vehicle names to their customized map.
  • Use the Quick Search function to view real-time or historical GPS tracking data for a specific device or group of devices.
  • Mark jobsites, employee homes, frequent customer locations, and any other important points with customizable Landmarks.
  • Group vehicles by sub-fleet to show the type of vehicle as well as the location.

With truck tracking, administrators quickly identify the exact location of specific vehicles in real-time, making it easy to assess the best routes and jobs for every resource on the road.

Tracking downtime

“Trucks sitting empty not only impact financial performance but also has a devastating effect on driver morale and overall retention,” say the experts at Vehicle Service Pros.

Real-time tracking provides fleet managers with assessable data to minimize the damage of vehicle downtime, and improve productivity down the line.

Detailed activity reports compiled from real-time and historical data on the GPS Commander Dashboard provide shareable, easy-to-read insights to help fleet managers assess better strategies for vehicle utilization, and monitor the financial impact of unused resources.

Read on for our top alerts and reports for preventive vehicle maintenance monitoring.

Reducing cost of vehicle ownership

Monitor preventive truck maintenance, speeding, idling, and other wear-and-tear activities with alerts and reports on your GPS Commander Dashboard.

With the right data, you can ensure lower fuel emissions, fewer breakdowns, and longer-lasting vehicles.

Consider what truck tracking could do to reduce speeding, for instance. We know that excessive speeding over time takes a toll on truck engines. Customizable speeding alerts for your tracked trucks keep you on the pulse of driver activity on the road. This data gives you the insight you need to pinpoint poor behavior and remedy it at the source, which in turn extends the life of your vehicle’s engines.

Moving forward, affordably

Tackle your top concerns for productivity with an affordable truck tracking solution from GPS Commander. Grab an Instant Quote here to get started today. And tell us:

What is your top focus in improving productivity for your fleet?


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