Better Fleet Management: 5 Powerful Ways to Boost Driver Morale

During events like National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (September 16-22 this year), fleet managers have the opportunity to recognize and reward their hard-working truck drivers. These road warriors are tough individuals; the day-to-day work schedule is often demanding and challenging. Stress on the road can be particularly isolating.

So why wait all year to actively appreciate your truck drivers? Incorporate these 5 powerful morale-boosting strategies into your daily fleet operations, and discover how easy it is to manage healthy, loyal relationships with your truck drivers. With higher morale on the road, you can anticipate increased productivity and driver retention.
Let’s make it happen today:

1. Lead by transparent example
Whether you’re installing a new GPS truck tracking system, or making changes to budget plans, keep your drivers in the loop. Be honest with them, and include them in the collaborative process of improving fleet operations and reducing the company’s bottom line. This cultivates a work environment built on transparency. Drivers will in turn feel encouraged to be honest with you. Trust between management and a driver is a sturdy foundation by which both parties can achieve success.

2. Provide resources and information
Build a community online for your truck drivers and their families to have conversations and connect on topics that are relevant to their lifestyle. It doesn’t need to be fancy; a Facebook Page often works best. Here you can post safety and wellness information and start a proactive dialogue with your drivers. It’s a great place to ask, “How is work going for you right now?” Check out our blog post here for more advice on employee involvement in social media.

3. Reward productivity
A GPS truck tracking system provides fleet managers with the hard data they need to make changes to fleet operations. The wide range of customizable reports built into the GPS Commander web portal system lets you monitor traffic, driver log in/out, and ignition on/off, amongst other road details. Your real-time Google map view optimizes routing, job dispatch, and customer service. Better driver deployment increases productivity on the road, often allowing drivers more down time. When you can see increases in productivity, you can reward it accordingly.

4. Offer incentives
With your truck tracking reports in hand, you can boost driver morale with valuable incentive programs. Collaborate with your drivers to create incentive-based goals for them to work towards. Perhaps you want to decrease the monthly number of speeding infractions; there are GPS Commander alerts and reports to track individual drivers’ progress. If your drivers would like to take company vehicles home with them at the end of the day (in order to save time bringing it back your lot, and reduce their personal gas mileage), use your GPS Commander truck tracking technology to make this a viable incentive for improved productivity or meeting budget targets. Check out the GPS Commander web portal features and dream up some powerful incentive programs for your fleet!

5. Be the employee you want them to be
“Put forth the same positive attitude that you want others to have,” says entrepreneur Nicolas Gremion. He advises managers to demonstrate pride in the company, and “acknowledge achievements both big and small.” Passion is infectious; get an instant quote for your GPS Commander truck tracking solution and spread the excitement amongst your truck drivers today!

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