Safety Culture & Your Fleet Community: Social Media Part 2

When it’s time to inform your fleet employees of an updated safety policy or a new GPS technology system, save time and money with social media. Social media marketing is more than just a cost-efficient advertising strategy that can connect your fleet company to millions of potential customers. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide flexible interfaces for group discussion and employee communication. These platforms are free to use and easy to manage. Do you “Like” this yet?

The experts at think you should. They say that fleet managers can promote safety messages through social media, extending a true “safety culture” beyond the standard working hours and employee interactions.

Consider your current process for emphasizing safety messages or introducing new technologies, policies, and the like. Does it resound with your employees?

Not to say that social media engagement should be the replacement. Instead, it should be used to promote safety policies and act as a facet of your company culture that encourages open communication.

This could happen on a Facebook Page for your fleet employees and their families to join. On this interactive page, members can post questions, share links to information, and join discussions that are relevant to your fleet company. Facebook Pages and other social media platforms “can be used to get information out to a wide audience quickly,” and no other audience than your employees will benefit more from hands-on safety information and technology updates.

And while you’re posting new GPS tracking technology instructions and starting conversations about safety on the road, you inadvertently benefit from the brand-boosting power of social media. Your fleet employee Facebook Page or Twitter profile will contribute to your reputation as an impressive fleet business. Nothing says “Employee safety is our number one priority” like a constantly updated Facebook Page dedicated to fleet employee communication.

If you’re ready to flesh out an engaging, informative Facebook Page for your fleet employees and their families to gather around in the promotion of better safety, check out our blog and share the articles! We’ve discussed the safety benefits of GPS tracking technology for fleet employees and how to boost fleet driver success, amongst other GPS technology tutorials and fleet management tricks of the trade.

Your fleet employees are a group of likeminded people who have incredible influence over your company reputation and success. With social media, you can connect with them on an immediate, interactive channel of communication. It can even be a little bit fun.
Fun: that’s worth retweeting!

“Using Social Media to Promote Safety In Personal Use.” November 2011.


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