GPS Commander is a division of Future Quest Wireless Inc., an organization with extensive experience in vehicle tracking and wireless data systems. Throughout the past several years, Future Quest has sold, implemented and maintained tracking systems in thousands of vehicles throughout North America.

The company has acted as a distributor and systems integrator for numerous popular brands of GPS devices and tracking systems, including both enterprise and web-based systems. Future Quest has forged alliances with many of the leading wireless carriers, device hardware manufacturers and software development firms. In addition, the company has internally developed GPS tracking and wireless dispatch solutions that we continue to sell and maintain today.

The result of this experience has given us a clear understanding of the needs of our customers and the vertical markets they serve. Eighteen months ago, we set out to build a solution and an organization that would more effectively address those needs and achieve our vision of providing innovative, affordable GPS tracking solutions that are simple to buy and use.

GPS Commander is the culmination of this vision and we hope you will look closely at us and choose to use our products.


Gord Walsh



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