Ranger CT Covert GPS Tracking Device Enhanced

GPS Commander, a leading provider of real time GPS tracking solutions, is pleased to release an enhanced performance version of its covert GPS tracking device, Ranger CT.

Ranger CT is a small GPS vehicle tracking device that eliminates the need for any external antennas, making it ideal for covert installations into all types of commercial vehicles. The new enhanced version of Ranger CT incorporates the latest improvements in GPS and antenna design to improve GPS sensitivity and selectivity, while simplifying vehicle installation.

“All GPS tracking devices require 2 antennas”, explains GPS Commander’s Customer Support Manager, Ken Fox, “one to receive GPS signals and the other to transmit GPS information via the cellular data network to the GPS tracking application. These antennas can either be built directly into the device or situated separately on the vehicle. Many customers prefer integrated antennas, as they make it difficult to detect the GPS device on the vehicle. In the past however, integrated antennas often resulted in reduced performance, simply due to the laws of physics due to the smaller physical size of an integrated antenna versus an external one. They also complicated vehicle installation, as correct placement on the vehicle became critical to the resulting performance.”

Summarizing the improvements, Mr. Fox states “Ranger CT incorporates an ultra sensitive 50 channel GPS receiver that provides outstanding performance with 2 meter (6 foot) accuracy, even when placed under a vehicle dashboard. Combined with improvements in its cellular data antenna design, Ranger CT provides best in class covert performance with fast, simple installation.”

GPS Commander is a leading provider of real time GPS tracking solutions, As with all GPS Commander GPS tracking services, there are no long term contract requirements to sign up for the service and Ranger CT is backed by a lifetime warranty and our 24-7 Support Help Desk.

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