commercial iphone gps tracking app

Commercial iPhone GPS Tracking App Launched

Scout PT,  a commercial iPhone gps tracking app for iPhones, is now available from FQ Wireless Division, GPS Commander. Scout PT combines the cloud-based fleet management capabilities of GPS Commander with the SmartPhones commonly carried by employees.  With the advent of the iOS version, Scout PT is now available in 3 versions for Android, BlackBerry users and iPhone.

Scout PT can be pushed to an employees phone to allow for simple installation and once installed, runs seamlessly in the background. Scout PT requires no intervention from the employee.  If required however, a panic alert is available to allow a one-touch SOS alert to be sent to the employer. With the tremendous success of the iPhone worldwide, comes an opportunity for employers to gain additional value from devices already in use.

Scout PT provides an excellent, low cost tracking solution for a variety of industries where portability, productivity and safety are primary concerns. Field service technicians, sales people, traveling executives, security personnel, delivery, police, fire and healthcare workers are primary users of GPS Commander. With no additional hardware to purchase and data airtime plans already in place on most employee smartphones, the add-on costs for Scout PT run as low as only 33 cents per day.

Commercial iphone gps tracking app differences:

The Scout PT commercial iphone gps tracking app should not be confused with the plethora of consumer tracking apps available for smartphones. The following benefits of GPS Commander differentiate it from consumer tracking apps:

  • Worldwide Google Maps with street, satellite views
  • Visualize your entire fleet at one time on the same map
  • Set geographic fences with alerts to be notified of staff arrival and departures
  • Six months of point-by-point historical playback
  • Export historical trails to Google Earth with one click
  • Set speed alerts, SOS alerts
  • Complete range of automated reports

The purchase of Scout PT involves a one-time fee for a license, plus a small monthly tracking fee. The one-time license fee can be re-used on subsequent smartphones if the user or smartphone is changed. 

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