android gps tracking app

Android GPS Tracking App Released

Future Quest’s GPS tracking division, GPS Commander™, launched its android gps tracking app today called Scout PT™, to allow fleet managers to track their mobile field employees in real time via their Android Smartphones. Previously available only for BlackBerry devices, Scout PT now supports the world’s top ranked smartphone platform.

Scout PT for Android can be installed over-the-air in just a few seconds, allowing fleet managers to start tracking their employees whereabouts immediately. With less than 15% battery life reduction in a 24-hour period, optimal GPS first fix time, and accuracy up to 15 meters, Scout PT for Android has conveniences unlike any other in its class.

Android GPS Tracking App Features

Scout PT for Android comes equipped with the full line of GPS Commander tracking features, including patented geo fence technology, worldwide Google maps that are accessible from any internet browser, and an easily configured on-screen, email, and text message alert system.

The SOS feature on Scout PT for Android allows employees to send an alarm, alerting supervisors via email alerts, and setting the GPS to track every minute for fifteen minutes. Employees can feel empowered on the road, knowing that their safety is being monitored.


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