In Depth With Ranger CT

Ranger CT is the GPS Commander GPS tracking device that is used for installation into commercial vehicles and trucks. Its tiny size (2.1″x3.5″x0.6″) and convenient quick release power harness are designed to facilitate a fast and simple vehicle installation.

Ranger CT is available in two versions to accommodate virtually any type of installation scenario:

  1. The first version, our most popular, has an integrated antenna design, which eliminates the need for any external antennas. This not only simplifies installation, but makes it very easy to hide the unit out of sight. Simply place the unit under the dash, close to the base of the vehicle windshield or some other such unobtrusive place on the vehicle that has clear site lines to the sky, then tie wrap or double side tape it into place.
  2. The second version allows for external antennas to be used, which are connected to the Ranger CT via 2 thin black wires. This model can be even easier to situate in a vehicle because the unit itself does not need to see the sky, just the antenna. Choice of glass mount and roof mount external antennas are offered:
    • The glass mount is a simple peel and stick windshield antenna that can be installed in a few seconds without any tools or vehicle damage. It can also be used under the dash in situations where it may be desirable to locate the Ranger CT in a more accessible location.
    • The roof mount antenna is a low profile hardhat style antenna, which is less then 1 inch high. It requires that a 3/4 inch hole is drilled in the vehicle roof, however its low profile, high performance and high durability make it ideal for large commercial vehicles, such as semi trucks, utility vehicles, etc.

    Once the Ranger CT is situated in the vehicle, it needs to be connected to power, ground and ignition sense. By connecting it to an ignition on/off source, we can not only monitor when the vehicle is running but also allow the Ranger to enter a sleep mode so it does not drain the battery of a long-term unattended vehicle.

    Many GPS Commander clients take advantage of Ranger CT’s input monitoring capability to provide additional real-time information about their vehicles. For example, towing fleets may monitor PTO activity, restoration companies may monitor truck mounted flood control equipment, while taxi companies will monitor taxi meter activity and a driver emergency foot-switch. These inputs can be tied to on-screen visual and audio alerts, as well as a variety of vehicle activity reports.

    Why Ranger CT is a preferred GPS tracking device for professional fleet managers:

    • real time GPS tracking of commercial vehicles
    • Low profile design, for simple installation
    • Low standby current consumption that will not drain the vehicle battery
    • Life time warranty
    • Over-the-air programmability
    • Guaranteed out-of-coverage position delivery
    • Detailed reports of user activity
    • Odometer function with preventative maintenance alerts
    • Wide range of on-screen, text and email alerts
    GPS Commander released an enhanced version of the Ranger CT last month. You can read about the improvements and our 24/7 support here.

    Go to the Ranger CT Overview Page

    In addition to Ranger CT for commercial vehicle tracking, GPS Commander also provides Scout PT for Personal GPS Tracking, Explorer AT for Asset Tracking and Rover TT for Trailer Tracking. For more information on these models, check us out on Facebook, where you can get access to our exclusive promo codes.


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