What’s the top advantage for GPS-equipped fleets in the restoration industry?

When you offer property managers, risk managers, and insurance adjusters state-of-the-art restoration services, you offer them an advantage over your competitors that simply cannot be outdone. Declare your restoration fleet as state-of-the-art today with GPS tracking technology.

Installing GPS technology in your restoration fleet vehicles does more than give your company an impressive reputation. In disaster situations, insurance adjusters and homeowners alike want to minimize damage and reduce repair costs. With GPS–equipped vehicles, restoration managers can offer optimal driver efficiency. Drivers can map destinations for the fastest, lowest traffic routes, assuring that disaster equipment will arrive on site as quickly as possible. The quicker help arrives, the less damage is done.

Restoration fleet managers with GPS –equipped vehicles also benefit from:

Improved driver accountability. When disaster strikes, you want to have confidence in the productivity of your drivers. Arrival or departure discrepancies between client and driver can be resolved with customizable live and historical GPS tracking views and reports.

Driver safety. GPS Commander offers an Android/Blackberry personal tracking solution called Scout PT, which allows drivers to send an alarm via an SOS system on the device. Drivers can enter fire or flood disaster sites with the assurance of twenty-four hour safety monitoring. GPS Commander also offers Ranger CT, an installed-in-vehicle solution, which can also be equipped with a driver emergency button located in the vehicle for SOS purposes.

Labor cost control. Live and historical GPS tracking views and reports provide restoration company administrators with detailed accounts of driver movements, creating precise labor records. GPS-equipped vehicles eliminate the need for driver time sheets, further improving employee productivity on the road.

Customer confidence. From your GPS-tracking administration base, customers can keep up-to-date on the status of their dispatched response vehicle. Administrators provide the information based on real-time worldwide Google maps, complete with customizable vehicle icons and location markers.

Equipment security. Emergency service vehicles hit the road with thousands of dollars worth of restoration equipment on board. GPS tracking technology in those vehicles monitor location at all times, making theft recovery much easier. Restoration companies with GPS tracking technology often enjoy lower insurance premiums on their equipment and vehicles for this reason.

Conclusion: It Means More Than A Reputation.

Risk managers, insurance adjusters, home and business owners, and property managers can be convinced of your quality of service when you invest in state-of-the-art GPS technology. Sophisticated tracking in your restoration vehicles is so advantageous to you and your clients, that it is likely to become an industry standard.

Reap the benefits of offering customers state-of-the-art restoration services while the GPS tech advantage is still unique amongst competitors.

And who says it needs to be expensive to be state-of-the-art? Click here for an instant quote to discover how affordable your GPS-equipped restoration fleet can be today!

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