The AOBRD Guide to the Canadian ELD Mandate

So your automatic on-board recording device is doing its job, but is it compliant with the impending Canadian ELD mandate?

Unlike those in the United States, us Canadian truck fleet operators don’t have a set date for ELD compliance yet. But we do know Transport Canada plans to synchronize as much of the final rule for ELD in Canada with the rule in the United States. And since the U.S. rule takes effect on December 17th, 2017, we can anticipate a similar timeline for us north of the border.

If you’re already using AOBRDs, now is the time to consider how and when to move to ELDs. Take a few minutes to our guide for a seamless and cost-effective transition.

Get Info On The Canadian ELD Mandate

Before you make any decisions, get the facts on what the Canadian ELD Mandate involves so far. You want to go into the process of choosing the right ELD for your organization with the information you need to make the best selection for your bottom line.

Check out these resources for current Canadian ELD mandate information:

Canadian Trucking Alliance website
Overview of updated Canadian Hours of Service rules
Truck News, Canada’s leading trucking newspaper

Talk To Your AOBRD Provider

The best time to talk to your AOBRD provider is after doing a bit of independent research into the requirements of ELDs for Canadian truck companies. This allows you to discern their solutions with an informative basis in which to make your decision to continue or look at other options.

Most AOBRD providers should be able to offer an ELD upgrade, typically to the software to the device, at a cost that does not represent a significant increase from your current ELD.

Assess Your Options

Pair what you know about the Canadian ELD mandate with the perspective of your current AOBRD provider to assess your options. It’s time to think about the future. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Is your current provider solid, as in, will the company be stable enough to see your organization into many years of regulated e-logging?
  • How similar is the interface of the proposed ELD system compared to your current AOBRD?
  • Are you truly happy with your current AOBRD? Consider this from all angles – cost, usability, service quality.

Don’t settle for a solution you aren’t entirely confident to get behind for the Canadian ELD mandate. The solution you choose will set the course for the next several years of regulated truck driving in Canada. Assess your options carefully.

Take Action Now

The ‘grandfather’ clause in the United States ELD rule allows for AOBRD devices installed prior to December 17, 2017 to stay in use for up to two years past the deadline.

Breathing room is valuable, but it doesn’t delay the inevitable. While ELD and AOBRD perform many of the same functions, there are workflow differences and rule changes that could complicate the transition from one to the other.

The more time you have to choose your ELD solution, train your front end and driving staff on the system and work through any growing pains, the less stress you will feel as the deadline inches closer and closer. Your organization is based on safety and efficiency; rushing into a required update goes against the values of success in the trucking industry.

So what are you waiting for? Contact FQ Wireless to book a demo of its HoS compliant truck tracking solution, Ranger CT HoS. Read about Switchboard, our ELD Compliant Hours of Service solutions here.


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