Rite-Way Carpet Cleaning

Ranger CT

Since equipping their fleet of cleaning vehicles with GPS devices from GPS Commander, Rite-Way has seen measurable improvements in customer service, noted Ms. Leslie Cruz, General Manager of Rite Way Carpet. The ability of the system to find the closest vehicle to a customer location and being able to provide accurate ETA’s to customers have both been important factors in meeting their service goals. “We can go into the locator and find the nearest van in the area,” she explains.

One of the key benefits of the system is its ability to use historical tools and reports to analyze and measure actual work performed. Knowing exactly how long a carpet cleaning technician spent on a particular site and the total machine on time provides billing justification and proof that is invaluable to Rite-Way accounting staff, while demonstrating professionalism to customers. “It has been more efficient for us and saved us manpower; it has been able to pinpoint productivity — and lack of, and all those things come down to savings,” says Cruz. “We’re not wasting money,” she says.

McGann and Chester Towing LLC.

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Mike King, General Manager of McGann and Chester Towing in Pittsburgh, PA, says after 33 years of being in business, the benefits he’s seen after having GPS Commander units installed in his fleet are considerable. There’s “absolutely a big difference,” said King. “Being able to know exactly where your fleet is at all times, being able to utilize the vehicle that’s closest to the call,” he says, “It definitely allows us to be able to pinpoint a customer with a need and a truck with the ability.”

King says having GPS installed on their trucks has improved communications for everyone. “We can offer a customer an ETA or update without having to bother the driver,” says King, who also noted that having the GPS has been a great selling point for customers. “A lot of the customers are very impressed with the fact that they can get an up to the minute update,” said King.

Design Roofing Ltd.

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Design Roofing Ltd. Is the premier commercial roofing contractor in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland, providing Quality on Top since 1984. The company has earned a reputation of excellence with general contractors, building owners and consultants due to their professional approach and the use of the latest technology.

In keeping with this philosophy, Design Roofing employs real-time GPS tracking on all its company service vehicles as a means of maximizing customer service and operating efficiency. Design Roofing Manager Karla Mason noted, “With GPS Commander, we are able to not only track our vehicles in real time to achieve the best possible vehicle and employee utilization, but use the system to increase the accuracy of customer billing and cost justification. We are also able to monitor vehicle odometer information together with GPS Commander’s maintenance scheduling and alerts to improve our fleet preventative maintenance procedures.”

For over 7 years, Future Quest Wireless has been the GPS tracking provider to Design Roofing. Ms. Mason comments, “We initially chose the GPS Commander System to track our corporate vehicles due to its ease of use, high quality Google Maps and the flexibility of its historical reporting capabilities. Perhaps even more important, Future Quest has always provided exemplary support for their system.”

Fraser Valley Plumbing Ltd.

Ranger CT

For over 6 years, Mr. Rooter of Fraser Valley has relied on GPS tracking technology from Future Quest Wireless to help maintain their reputation for quality, timeliness and fair play. Each of their 10 vehicles is equipped with Ranger CT, the latest technology commercial vehicle tracking device that works with Future Quest’s GPS Commander real time tracking system. Ranger CT is tiny, easy to install and includes a lifetime warranty. Hidden out of sight, it provides 24×7 live tracking capabilities.

By logging into GPS Commander from any web connected PC, Mr. Rooter (also known as Fraser Valley Plumbing) can view the location of each of their vehicles on the latest Google Maps with real time Traffic and Satellite views. Mr. Rooter’s Dustin VanDiermen explains, “Being able to effectively manage our fleet is a key factor in being able to provide the best possible experience for our customers. GPS Commander allows us to do this, not only by providing real time GPS tracking, but many other tools, such as being able to find the closest vehicle to a jobsite, providing visual route guidance, as well as the ability to alert clients when one of our vehicles is approaching their location.”

Summarizing, Mr. VanDierman points out, “GPS Commander also gives us the ability to create Landmarks for our regular clients, which we then use to create automated reports that will show us each time one of our vehicles has serviced such a client, how long they stayed and what time they left. This helps us with labor cost allocation as well as route planning. With GPS Commander, we are much better connected to both our customers and our employees.”

Communication Connection Inc.

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Communications Connection, of Nanaimo, BC, specializes in the design installation and maintenance of integrated communications systems, including VOIP systems. A wide range of systems are provided, including unified business telephones and networks, health care workflow and nurse call systems and communications systems for the hospitality industry.

General Manager, Darren Hauca explains, “Our customers depend on the systems we provide as critical functions of their business and as such, these systems must be maintained on a 24/7 priority basis. To provide this level of support, we absolutely must know the whereabouts of our people and vehicles on a real-time basis. Knowing this allows us to dispatch the most efficient resources possible in each situation.”

Further explains Darren, “GPS Commander provided us with a state of the art GPS tracking system, using the very latest HSPA+ wireless technology. This allowed our company to obtain the best possible coverage of Vancouver Island, using the latest cellular network installed by Telus. The result has been a very reliable, yet easy to use system that helps us dispatch our calls more efficiently, ensuring that we can resolve customer support issues as quickly as possible. We have also been able to keep driver safety front and center with real-time speeding alerts. GPS Commander also provides us with 24×7 HelpDesk at no additional cost.”