The Driver Behavior App by RoadChek – It Knows When You Are Texting!

FQ Wireless is pleased to launch a new cloud-based solution called RoadChek that improves productivity, safety and customer service in organizations with employees or volunteers that are highly mobile. RoadChek is especially suitable for such organizations where the field workers or volunteers use their own vehicles for travel and their own smartphones for connectivity. 

By installing a simple app in the smartphones of their mobile constituents and logging into the RoadChek portal, employers gain real-time GPS tracking capability for productivity purposes, without the privacy, expense or installation concerns normally associated with putting a GPS tracking device in a privately owned vehicle. At the same time, worker and volunteer safety is substantially improved through RoadChek’s sophisticated, patented driving behavior technology, which monitors everything from speeding and aggressive driving to texting and smartphone usage while driving. RoadChek combines the driver apps with a cloud-based management portal used for real-time tracking, driving scoring, historical play-back and reporting.

The RoadChek solution is simple to learn and use, requiring zero capital outlay or installation. It is also highly efficient, using very little data or battery life. Perhaps its greatest feature is its ability to protect the user’s privacy by shutting down the app automatically when the employee is off duty.

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