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Covid 19 Thermal Entrance Camera

Scout AI ThermoScan

With Covid 19, we all carry new responsibilities to ensure the safety of our customers and constituents. The Scout AI ThermoScan system is the first step in alleviating risk by minimizing the exposure to those carrying potential fever. 


Thermal Entrance Camera with AI

  • Advanced industrial design thermal detector
  • Integrated AI chipset for best-in-class speed & accuracy
  • Detects forehead temperature from 1.3 meters with high accuracy
  • Ultra-fast detection time of only 0.05 seconds
  • Integrated face recognition with 300 ms response
  • Face mask compliance monitoring with pass/fail notification
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Rugged Industrial Design

  • Aluminum construction for durability & heat dissipation
  • Integrated mount for simple desk or stand operation
  • Built-in high definition backlit LCD display
  • Loudspeaker with multi-language pass/fail/instructions
  • Wide dynamic range with anti-backlighting
  • Included attendance monitoring program
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Scout AI Raises The Bar in Affordable Thermal Entrance Cameras

Scout AI ThermoScan is a thermal entrance camera that provides businesses and institutions with a cost effective COVID 19 entrance safety shield by identifying persons with elevated temperature as a pre-cursor to carrying the virus or other illness. Scout’s integrated face recognition system can optionally be used to distingish staff from visitors, friends from foe, etc., as well as monitor for facemask compliance. Built with high quality industrial grade, all-aluminum materials and featuring the latest in artificial intelligence AI processing, Scout ThermoScan provides best-in-class performance.

They keys to effective entrance protection are maintaining high detection speed, without sacrifcing accuracy. Entrance scanning need not come at the expense of entrance traffic flow. This is where Scout’s modern design comes in. Scout uses AI technology to quickly isolate the most effective temperature monitoring surface on each person (forehead) in order to accelerate results and to reduce falsing. The result is a detection rate averaging less than 300 milliseconds per person, allowing a steady flow of patrons across its path.

Scout’s extended range capablity enables effective temperature monitoring, face recognition and mask compliance capabilities at up to 1.2 meters of distance. Scout AI ThermoScan ‘s extended range, combined with its rapid detection rate means that smooth entrance flow and social distancing safety measures can be more effectively maintained. Scout’s one-piece design with integrated back-lighting, multi-language and HD display simplify implementation, allowing for rapid deployment or take-down at events. This flexibility makes ThermoScan suitable even for short-term events.


How The Scout Thermal Entrance Camera Operates

Increased Operating Efficiency

The Scout AI ThermoScan is a thermal entrance camera that uses artificial intelligence technology to increase speed, accuracy and performance in entrance scanning. By using on-board AI processing, Scout AI is able to quickly isolate the foreheads of patrons, where temperatures are the most accurate and resulting in the industry’s fastest response time. Scout’s large thermal array provides 0.2 degrees C accuracy within only 0.05 seconds, allowing for smooth traffic flow of patrons.

  • Integrated AI processing increases speed and accuracy
  • 2 million pixel wide angle camera
  • Multi-mode large thermal array for maximum sensitivity
  • Integrated 7 inch touch screen display with local video preview
  • Proximity detection with automatic wake-up

AI Powered Face Recognition

Scout AI ThermoScan incorporates on-board AI processing with face recognition technology to support the identification of personnel, such as staff vs guests, members vs non-members, etc. This can be used to automatically control gate access. In addition, Scout AI ThermoScan can identify face mask compliance with audio notification and access control. With a library supporting 10,000 faces, Scout is suitable for a wide range of business and event monitoring.

  • High sensitivity face recognition up to 1.9 meters
  • Deep learning algorithm for 10,000 face capacity
  • Face mask compliance monitoring
  • Stand-alone or TCP/IP network operation 
  • Rapid facial comparison of less than 0.5 seconds per person

Management Software Included

The Scout thermal entrance camera includes a Windows management software application that can operate in a stand-alone or networked environment. Its integrated database maintains a list of authorized staff or group members with associated facial identification, access credentials and face mask rules. The system maintains historical access records with attendance exporting that includes temperature and mask compliance. 

  • Maintain a database of authorized personnel / members
  • Set access credentials individually or by group
  • Control access based on temperature and/or face mask compliance
  • Maintain a full attendance history with simple exporting
  • Create whitelists or blacklists on the fly and sync across devices

Increases Comfort & Attendance

Scout AI ThermoScan increases the safety and personal comfort at a wide range of events, including education, sporting events, private parties, public transportation, trade shows, shopping malls or employment offices and work facilities. It does so by quickly determining body temperature as a means of identifying potentially infected or ill persons. Scout can enforce mask compliance and facilities access.

  • Encourages attendance by increasing comfort level
  • Identify and prevent potential germ spreading
  • On the fly face mask compliance monitoring
  • Member / Staff vs guest determination
  • Automatic gate / door access control

The Value Leader in Entrance Monitoring

Covid 19 thermal entrance cameras and entrance monitoring solutions are becoming popular as businesses and organizations of all types work hard to ensure the safety of their attendees, customers and patrons. These systems not only make people feel more comfortable and protected but help in minimizing potential liability.

Entrance monitoring systems come in a wide range of styles, capabilities and capacity, with an equallly wide range of price. Scout AI ThermoScan is suitable for most small to mid size venues, ranging from classrooms to hospitals, nursing homes, libraries, business, hotels and sports facilities. It is the value leader in the mid-tier space. To determine if Scout AI fits your application and to obtain pricing, book a quick meeting using the link below.

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